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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Helston Motor Show 27th/28th June


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Calendar Date for you.

For those who came last year, well you kno what was involed,so pretty much the same,although I will take us on a different run on the Saturday [emoji12] For anyone who has not been to this.......Well we will meet at Goss moor New service's at 13:00 ( if anyone one wants to eat lunch! Now is the time) then leave by 2 o'clock. The route to the show ground will be given a bit closer to the time. But we will get on the show ground in time for setting up tents,beer,poss clean cars,beer, then take the danger walk to a local pub( via 2 field with electric fence [emoji23] ) for evening meal /beer which I don't pay for.....then back to the tents for more beer then bed...morning will have bacon eggs or sausage eggs or eggs or bacon or sausage, oh and beer before cleanig the cars again [emoji3]

So on the Sunday we show the car's. ...I will let you kno show cost soon


Interest list


1. Slam




6.Wile e Coyote

7. Supra fluffy [emoji3]

8.Slow & Dirty

9.Hammer Head

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Ok. I have just spoken to my contact for the show. I am afraid to say its goung to cost £5 lol per car. This covers camping on Saturday(use of club bar) toilets, showers & to show the cars on Sunday(show starts around and 10.00am).So we got time for buttys in the morning. I will collect money from you on Saturday unless you arive on Sunday(Dan)..

I will be sending pm's out for your car info soon.

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Right. The table on Saturday night has been booked for 7pm.

The pub would like some idea on what we would like to eat. Are we all steak eaters....there will also be a carvery. I can get hold of a menue if it helps. This will save on waiting time as there should be 14 of us. So put your food choises down if you can. Ta

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