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Not a big deal buying on the mainland just fly over and bring the car back on the boat. You defiantly need to do your home work before you fly over. I bought a mr2 in Bristol a couple of years ago and bought it back through Holyhead to Dublin and drove it up home. There's not a lot of supras that come up for sale In Northern Ireland. There's a bigger selection across the water. :cool:

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Don't really know. A few guys have said it looks a little lower but it could be just the wheels as there's not much rubber on the tyres.if I was using it as daily commuter 17's are defiantly a better ride mines a touch to hard as you can feel every bump on the road but it's a nice smooth feel on the motor way.I only have mine out in the summer months.Its in the garage now till next year but it gives me an interest working through my to do list over the winter. I have uk brakes and discs to go on, probably change the front seats to leather and get a few blemishes painted next year.:cool:

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Hey mate, thats the one that was FS above in Longford some time back. Any way of getting rid of that awful fog light, it'd look a lot better. Id be around Cork occasionally myself in the Supra as my missus is from Millstreet. Same facelift colour :)


good man. jesus id have to do a double take if i saw another gunmetal pass me ha! The fog light is rotten, some day il get rid of it, when i prob get skirts.

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Guest JFulls94
Jim from Donaghadee in Co Down, facelift na auto currently fairly standard with just a set of wheels :) I'm onto my second supra and into my 9th year of daily supra driving :cool:

Hey Jim I'm from Millisle seen the Supra about lovely car! Getting one here over Christmas only have to collect it uploadfromtaptalk1450290724290.jpg

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I was quoted 850 in october 2015 with Axa fully comp but I doubt you will get anywhere near it now


They also quoted me 900 euro on a 1.3 2008 standard Golf at the same time, go figure that one out ; I ended up putting the Supra on Classic and got Axa to continue my policy with the Golf instead @ 450 euro fully comp


I am not looking forward to my renewal , my Friends Skyline with Liberity went from €980 fully comp to €5601 fully comp

Insurance companies down south have lost it! There are alot of SIMI members lobbying the Government, it is across the board ; Insurance Companies flat out refuse to insure anything 10 years or older , you are caught in Limbo , its not old enough to fall under classic


Trade Policy may be the only option, Happy Hunting!

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Who did you get classic with. I was trying and can't get it because some are telling me it's high performance car. First Ireland said you can't get a Jap car on classic insurance and said no one would take it on because of that. My insurance was €840 and has now work it's way up to 1600.

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