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  1. I will try and answer where I can but its the buyer that needs to understand the rules of their country similar to if they were importing a car from Japan and doing so privately. I researched what I would need to do when I brought it to Ireland. Saying that I will work with any potential buyer to make sure all the bases are covered and there are no surprises. Thanks yes its quite unique and always gets alot of attention, but as with all modified supras they can be a bit marmite. Unfortunately I do not
  2. I don't believe an SVA is required from reading it only that a speedo change is required but I'm only familiar with Irish law in regard to importing a car sorry. Really hope this for sale thread doesnt become a wiki for car import/export queries though
  3. That's a fair point know there are other EU member on this, if it comes to that then I suppose UK buyers will be out of the running. Well its up here for now if it gets no interest then I'll advertise elsewhere.
  4. Make/Model: TOYOTA SUPRA MK4 RZ 6 speed v161 Borg Warner - EFR 8374 Year: 1997 Mileage: 74,000 KM (not miles) Service history: bundles of paperwork and receipts Car's location: Cork, Ireland Specification: Chassis: ÖHLINS coil over kit IKEYA FORMULA front upper arms IKEYA FORMULA rear member spacers GREDDY 6 pots front brake kit (new rotor and pads) GREDDY 4 pot rear big brake kit (new rotor and pads) Wheel spacers ATTAIN front strut bar CUSCO rear carbon strut bar Exterior: DO-LUCK front bumper TRIA
  5. Hi, Unfortunately due to the time frame since it was purchased the warranty is no longer valid. Any potential customer can contact Arnout about the box to validate and I have all communications with him in relation to the work. Has been stored and never used since it was purchased, just filled with oil, rotated occasionally etc. Not looking to profit off of this, just looking to recoup what I paid. Preferable anyone who purchases will be using it and not trying to flog it on. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have a v160 rebuilt (basically new) by suprasport with the following parts: All communications with Arnout at suprasport about the box/work done I have and have no issue with someone contacting him directly to validate. new synchros for 1-4 new shifter sleeve 1-2 new shifter sleeve 3-4 (this is the billet version) new gears: 2, 3 and 4. New OEM This is only the gearbox as it was bought as a spare but have decided to go to a sequential. The cost of the box is £6700 sterling including delivery (within reason). Can di
  7. Ah ya that's possible, I'm not looking for any body work or aesthetics at the moment. I'm thinking Chris might be my go to guy for the mechanical aspects such as general health, suspension etc. I'm not looking for a show car just a properly setup road car
  8. Haha all good sometimes it's hard to gauge and it being the Internet and all my bad Yup I'm just trying to bring the car back to like new first and then look at upgrades/build once it's in a solid place. I'm ocd with my car so want it to be perfect and nows the time for a full send or spend in this scenario
  9. Awesome thanks for the heads up scooter and I was thinking Chris myself. Though will definitely give James a look in now that two people have mentioned his name. Noz not sure if your comment is just being an ass or genuinely curious. I'm looking at getting the car checked over with any issues resolved and any components that need to be refreshed and possible after discussions some additional upgrades.
  10. Hi all, Just looking at getting a possible rebuild/refresh of the supra done and was looking at the garages/people that are on here. Was hoping to get some input/feedback on who is best or is it just a case of location/work required? The ones I have been focusing on are Garage Wiftbitz, SRD and Chris Wilson. Know all have good reps on here from reading posts so more just looking for people experience or comments on what pros/cons to each are liek for instance I believe SRD are Syvecs only shop etc. I'd just be coming from Ireland so want to make the best/informed decision possible.
  11. The fit of the Grams is good as is the Knights one. This was only related to the carbon skinning, if getting a simple fiberglass there doesn't appear to be any issues with the gram.
  12. So I've seen, which is a shame as they are the only company that does it form the factory. Not sure I want to chance it being poor quality, my other option is a Top Secret/Shine Auto diffuser and standard rear bumper. But doe feel the Trial is nicer overall aesthetically
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