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  1. For sale as I've now sold my aristo and the buyer wanted to go with something more JDM so I have these. Full set of wheels and a spare front with decent tyres. Centres are smoothed and recently painted (in the past couple of years) so still look mega fresh. 3 Front wheels- 18x8.5 et40 with 245/40 tyres 2 Rear Concave wheels- 18x10 et46 with 265/40 tyres One front has been fixed in the past, and has 2 small welds, very cleanly done, no balancing issues, and hardly any weights are used on any of the wheels, proving they are still great condition. One rear has also been fixed
  2. Hi Bought this gauge with the intention of using in my aristo but decided to go for something else instead. It hasn't even been out of the box so I've used the stock photo here rather than unsealing the box. £60 posted - brand new never used
  3. As above, anyone have one of these?
  4. Hi Looking for an electronic boost controller, but maybe something retro like a Profec B or an AVCR or something. Who has what?
  5. I'll send you a pm here Scooter, thanks
  6. please create a wanted thread for this - mods
  7. Would you have a supra "big diff" 220mm side shafts/output shafts/ stub axles? Thanks Niall
  8. hi, Does anyone have a supra "big diff" 220mm side shafts/output shafts/ stub axles? Thanks Niall
  9. hi, Does anyone have a small case lsd they would sell? I currently have an A01A Thanks
  10. hi, Does anyone have one of these kicking around?
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