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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Listy's JapFest 2014 South West Super Convoy


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Count me in on Joint Convoy will be coming over from Chepstow and meet at Severn View Services :D


Wow. Do you own a supra? Very rarely see any around Chepstow (I'm in Beachley)

Off the top of my head, there is AmyLJames orange JDL kitted one is the only other one local I know about.

There used to be a green one down Rogiet, and I saw a white one a few months ago, but never seen it since.


We will be going straight to the Club Stand (I'm not sure if you are on there with us?) so you may need to cut off early to get to the correct entrance.

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So I literally start at Tiverton, meet 1 maybe 2 supras and then m48 services? Seems much smaller than last year :(


At the moment, it's actually exactly the same ;)

Last year was four from Tiverton, but Noz didn't make it, so it was three, with a total in the end of 13.


Right now, it's 3 from Tiverton, and 13 total. Might get a few more yet :)

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Oh, we might also have an R34 GTR, a 200SX and an RX8 joining us.

The owner of the GTR is a friend of mine (one of my lads actually) who was badly injured in Afghan, so if he doesn't get out the car to chat, it's because it's too much hassle to get the wheel chair out, not because he's being rude ;)

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If everyone is there then we can leave whenever mate. I want to leave as early as possible mate to be honest, for exactly that reason.


I'll be leaving mine at 0630 as I need to fill the Supra up at the services, so I'll be about at the services at 0645.


The earlier everyone arrives, the earlier we can leave :)


I'll ring you just before we leave the services Kev.

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Against the usual rules, but it's the night before :p




I have PM'd all on the list in the first post with my mobile number. Any dramas, ring me in the morning any time after 0600.


I'm off to bed soon, so I'll see you lot in the morning :D :ecstatic:

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