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  1. What's this car been like on fuel? I know it's a 330ci so it won't be amazing but if it's not too bad I could be interested
  2. Number plate holder and fenders sold
  3. P&P not included for the recirc Restrictor ring to the best of my knowledge allowed 1.2 bar. I had the intention of doing a BPU on my supra and wanted no more than the recommended (on here) safe amount for stock turbos.
  4. Getting rid of the last few bits I had for my last supra. Veilside overfenders - SOLD HT Leads x2 - the longest ones £20 p&p Good to have a couple spares/back ups. Number plate holder - SOLD Turbo DV/recirculation valve - SOLD Restrictor Ring BPU - SOLD Exhaust gaskets 3"x2 - SOLD P&P will need to be discussed with regards to how much you want to spend. I'm happy to look around once given the budget.
  5. My old car she's looking much better now. Great price. Wish I could buy her back
  6. A very good friend of mine as a lovely Soarer for sale. Unfortunately I'm not yet in the market for another big jap car. But if any of you are interested then it's going cheap. full service history including toyota 117k miles new hsd coilovers new dare rs alloys full respray full mot drives smooth excellent all round 3 owners from new £5,000 ONO If you're interested please PM me and I'll pass on his details. Thanks in advance [emoji4]
  7. Obviously you're going to have to find a way to attached the seat belt buckle as it doesn't come with anywhere to attach it on the seat
  8. I've not tried to fit it but I did order it from the company specifically for the supra and enquired specifically about the frames/mounts needed. I believe they should fit based on that alone
  9. Thank you Rob W I'd like to add also that to get this seat the exact same you'd be looking at over £400 so this is a massive drop in price for something that has only been unwrapped since the factory
  10. That's just the lighting. It's all black
  11. Hello all, I have a brand new reclinable Corbeau RS1 sports seat for sale with sub-frames and runners, totally un-used. Drivers side. Bought from GSM Performance. Unfortunately I do not have the receipt anymore. I think I chucked it out. Literally all I've done is unwrap it and attempted to fit the runners and mounts to see how they go on. I'm selling this because I've sold the supra onto Keron. I had enough of trying to fix the damn thing and decided to save my money and look for something different (still jap though). Also as some of you may remember, I've had a few mishaps with the
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