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First Sussex meet of 2012


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HELP!!!!!! i cleand car cuple ays ago but she dirtty again abd no were is open is it safe to put her through a car was or not


NOT! Well I wouldn't anyway but that's me! It'll be dirty when you get there anyway with all the salt!


I'm just leaving. Try and keep an eye on this thread as if I get lost, this is my only means of communication! Lol.

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Well, I woke up late. So, my mrs is at hobbycraft, I've got to wait with the crib midget until she gets back an then I can leave! FFS - WOMEN!!!!!


My beemer's going nowhere dangerous! I need to sell her so less dents the better! Lol


Leaving ASAP!

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Fonze mentioned this, gutted for you.


Hope all is sorted soon for you.


Had a good turn out today but it was too slippery to make the most of the cold air:D. Hooefully be dryer for the next meet.


Thanks to those who made the effort to crawl out of there warm pits. Simon post up some pics later if you can.

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Hope you get it all sorted soon mate, absolutely gutted for ya.


Good turn out indeed, was good to put names to faces etc some really nice looking sup's on show .. even if we did all stand there freezing our nips off.:)


Rick , Your exhaust through that tunnel was CRAZY !! I literally though someone had fired a cannon haha

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Just got home! Had a great morning! Thanks for organising it Rick. I'll have a look at the photos and put them up but TBH, I hardly took any! Was too cold to have hold of the camera!! :(


Had a play with an RS4 on the way home and was all over him even though I couldn't get traction out the roundabouts! I was sursrised actually! He'd have been screwed if I was BPU. Ha ha.

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Thanks guys sorry to let the team down. Annoying thing was I know it wouldn't of happened if I got there on time.

Was really looking forward to this meet as it was going to be my first and wanted to put some faces to the names but hopefully have it all sorted and ready for the next meet.

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