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  1. I hardly come on here anymore since getting rid of mine but when I do I always check out your build thread. This is my favourite supe on the forum. Looks amazing. Top work by Lee and SRD as you'd expect.
  2. Looking good Dom. Be good to see the old girl on the road again. Look forward to the updates.
  3. These have been on some members cars Great wheels. GLWTS
  4. A cracking motor you have there J Great work by all involved.
  5. Hi and Welcome, where abouts in Preston are you from bud. I also used to live in Freck but moved to Bamber Bridge until 2007.
  6. Ooooo glad I don't have mine car anymore seeing this list. Some nice bits mate
  7. Some nice bits there Mr Perryman
  8. Congrats on the wheels. A great wheel for the supra
  9. Just seen this JG. Its a cracker
  10. Ricky49

    Supra or GT-R

    Most of us would have a GTR if we could afford them. In 5 years when they are averaged priced and joe public can buy one there will be something else out far superior to the GTR.
  11. Apparently the RWD isthe better car, nice choice Jamesy
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