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First Sussex meet of 2012


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Right people looking at arranging the first sussex supra meet of 2012.


Looking at doing it on a sunday proberbly 12th Feb around 11am im thinking meet up a Pease Pottage services on the M23 J11, a chit chat, burger king, spirited drive or maybe go for a drive then go for a pub meal somewhere.


If you fancy it get your names down


1. Ricky49

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I would love to come, unfortunatly my cars in bits while I fit my new brakes, get new tyres, finish my brackets for my new seats and drop the front bumper off to baldy for a spray up with the wings west lip. Its in bits.

Rich just works 24/7. Maybe later in the year, sorry guys.

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DAM YOU !! i have a week off from the 5th to the 11th of feb.. i havent got anything planned !! then you put this meet up for the 1st day im back to work .. dam you.


Ill have a mess around at work and see if i can wiggle a few things so i have it off :) .. will update soon as i really want to come to this.. missed the last couple due to work .. not going to miss this one.


1. Ricky49

2. Lee P

3. Bullet_uk (provisionally)

4. fonze1035

5. Jimojameso (prov)

6. Jamesy (a definite maybe!)

7. Suprajames

8. Si's Supe (hopefully)

9. Jim_jimmy1 ( Finally got this day off !!)

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