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FAQ: Spark plugs


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I noticed in the middle of this thread that there was mention of the plugs for a vvti differing from that mentioned in the guide.


Just to clarify, I have a stock j spec vvti tt6. I've ordered the ngk bkr6eix will these be suitable and not cause me any problems?

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Yes the 24 is the same as an 8 on the NGK scale.


I see what you're saying about the discontinuing the standard plugs...looks like they are pushing the 8/9/10 heat ranges into their Racing catalogue such as R5672A-8 (this appears to be the replacement for the BKRE8E's (but I've not bought and tested that).


So, IK = Iridium so if you want Iridium NGK then BKR8EIX's are still listed places like here - http://www.camskill.co.uk/m18b0s1232p58833/NGK_SPARK_PLUGS_NGK_IRIDIUM_SPARK_PLUGS_-_BKR8EIX_-_2668_


As for the Hotter/Colder Plugs. It's not about the "heat" in the engine it's more about the pressure and spark ability whilst under peak load. A colder plug will not work so well (ironically) on a cold start. But will handle extreme boost for longer that a warmer one. It's a sliding scale of trade off. If you use 7's/22's and never experience hesitation on full boost then you don't need 8's. But if you did then it would be worth the upgrade...


Just a quick question on this Alex, I've got BKR7E in at the moment and going to change for the same again. My supra is running 1.4 bar

Some times and 1.3 normally uk spec. Shall I be putting the BKR7E back in and put the gap to 0.7 or 0.8 ? If I'm getting hesitation some times would making the gap from 0.7 (which I think it is at the moment) stop any hesitation? Cheers bud

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