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  1. Hi David, apologies for the intrusion. Could you message me via my profile/etc? 
    I have just signed up to try and contact you, but I am not allowed to send messages because I have no posts I assume! Which is fair enough. 

    I have a question regarding this post of yours from a few years ago, where you say the Lexus 30-43LE is equivalent in strength to a Supra TT 30-40: 

    I am turbo converting an EUDM GS300 with an A340E/30-43LE 35000-3F270.

    If what you said here is accurate then I should be able to achieve my 400 - 450 crank HP goal using this transmission without modification, but I can't find any corroborating information or technical documentation.

    The link you included in the post also no longer works. So I am wondering if you could give me any more info, or let me know your source etc?

    Many thanks!


  2. Neither was I, which is why I edited my post before you grunted again. (I don't know how post times are displayed on mobile phones, but on a PC they're a tad ambiguous)
  3. If you click watch on you tube, you will find that the video does not have the "idiot" caption. I chose it for it's 13 minutes of content which you obviously haven't watched in the time it took you to react. I wonder whose point is proven now?
  4. The elephant in the room is herd immunity, which ultimately, is the only way out. I believe that Government has allowed nightclubs to reopen for a month without restriction to purposely allow super spreader events in this targeted age group. Which will result with more young folks having antibodies, scare many others to go for the jab and is perfectly timed to justify the proposed Covid passport.
  5. Each and every one of them has been offered the jab. It is merely reality that is harsh.
  6. Issues of such scale invariably end up being blamed onto someone who has died. I reckon that Dr Fauci could end up in the Epstein Club.
  7. There were also two other GP's that I failed to mention, one of whom was in the "I can't see anything wrong with you" Club and the other who saw the pics above said "I've never seen anything like it!" I can understand how this little known complaint drives folks insane, the sensation of being eaten alive by insects alone, would be enough to drive many folks over the edge. However, when combined with most Doctors and Dermatologists being in the "I can't see anything wrong with you" Club, leading to be diagnosed and then treated for a mental health issue the patient doesn't have whilst mean
  8. Folks who know me personally will be aware that for several years now I have been suffering from a mystery skin infection. During which time this has been diagnosed by one GP as "I can't see anything wrong with you" and by another as "Folliculitis" and by another as "Impetigo", however, neither of these managed to cure it with either pills or potions. During six more years it has become increasingly worse and the skin on my whole body became like bubble-wrap with the smooth side out, resulting with a visually virtually asymptomatic ailment. Despite the "I can't see anything wrong wit
  9. What the Country needs now is for Young Bucks to go for a little prick, instead of playing with their own whilst watching crocks of bollock$ on £uckw!tbook. Vaccine take-up by age groups (Selfishness data) Current cases by age groups
  10. Folk don't like such Big Brother activities, especially the French. A better way would be; those without proven medical reason yet refuse free Covid 19 vaccination, by default become liable to fund any subsequent treatment if required for Covid 19. Leaving freedom to make their own decision. Tracking data is as endemic as nomophobia, notwithstanding, folk have the freedom to leave their mobile phone at home, drive on B roads to their favourite Pub or whatever and spend money in cash whilst talking to people in Old Money, just how folk used to in the 80's.
  11. The news is; the Statisticians are on holiday.
  12. TT auto transmission prop flange component part numbers. 34780E YOKE ASSY, FLANGE (FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION) 34780-140201 34780G NUT (FOR ATM FRANGE YOKE) 90179-220181 34780H WASHER, PLATE (FOR ATM FLANGE YOKE) 90201-30005
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