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Clacket lane to reading convoy for Japfest. Again


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Saturday 14th May 2011 @ Castle Combe Circuit http://www.japfest.co.uk/


Japfest 2011


Clacket lane to reading convoy for Japfest.


Figured for all the south east members, It would be worth starting a thread to organise a meet and convoy from Clacket lane to meet Lui's reading convoy, Same as last year and the year before that.


Here is Lui's main Thread.



Here is Lui's Super Mega Convoy thread.



Here is last years Clackets thread.



Last year there was a very good turn out at the Clacket lane services, And is always nice to arrive as a nice big group of cars at reading ready for breaky.


We have to be at reading in time to leave at 7.00am sharp.

So will need to be leaving Clackets for at least 5.45am.


1) Missile


Jap fes 2.jpg

Jap fest1.jpg

Jap fest3.jpg

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:imsorry:I think we are getting up early enough as it is.


I know I went last year to Japfest and we all met around 6.30/7 am at Clacketts. I will be thinking of you that morning whilst I stagger back from all night of clubbing session lol

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Well that does sound better than getting up silly early in the cold and wet. Fingers crossed this year it stays dry.


The weather was good last year, had a brilliant time and really gutted I cant make it this year, booked this mini break before the date of japfest came out. You will have a brill time and great way to meet everyone else. Good fun watching the mad people taking their normal day to day cars on the track, a few nasty bumps last year. And the drifting is amazing.

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Guest Budz86

1) Missile

2) Jimojameso

3) supraturbochris

4) markssupra

5) manfat

6) Dreamscape36

7) Budz86


Suppose it would be rude not to!

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