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*** HALL OF FAME ***


Big Twins and Singles


1/4 Mile

Kevin Huntley - 9.86 @ 145.52 MPH

JamieP - 10.14 @ 149 MPH

Robbie - 10.66 @ 125.43 MPH


60ft (seconds)

Robbie - 1.53

Kevin Huntley - 1.58

Steve Sherwood - 1.59




Stock and Hybrid Turbos


1/4 Mile

tDR - 11.58 @ 114.78 MPH

Justin - 11.65 @ 120 MPH

SimonP - 11.82 @ 117.96 MPH


60ft (seconds)

tDR - 1.64

MONKEYmark - 1.73

CheekyMonkey - 1.78




Naturally Aspirated


1/4 Mile

Rays The Roof - 13.73 @ 101.12 MPH

skippyboyo1 - 14.3129 @ 95.41 MPH

Kearney - 14.53 @ 94.4 MPH


60ft (seconds)

Rays The Roof - 2.042

Jamil - 2.11

skippyboyo1 - 2.16



NOTE: This thread is for times ran at UK Drag Strips, namely; Santa Pod, York Raceway, Shakespeare County Raceway, Crail Raceway, Avon Park Raceway, Bishop's Court, Thorney Island, and Elvington Airfield (TOTB)

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This is my attempt to convert the data from this thread into a sortable table. This only contains the original data in the first few posts. If you want your time entered here then please reply giving details as above. Myself and the other moderators will attempt to keep this thread up-to-date.


Once we have this years data in we'll look at updating the first post hall of fame.

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Update for me following running at Supra Pod:


60ft - 1.64

1/4 ET - 11.580

1/4 MPH - 114.78


Spec largely unchanged, just optimised - ran M/T Drag Radials (dot marked road legal ones) today instead of BFG DR's. Still standard unopened engine, standard cams, standard j-spec ceramic turbos at 1.1bar sequential, standard fuel system :)


Finally top of the table - time to retire from drag and go circuit racing!!! :eyebrows:





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