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  1. Blackpool Road, about 13:00 heading towards Tulketh, I was waiting to turn right in Black Audi flashed lights and gave you a big thumbs up and a wave. Looked in great condition and brought a smile to my face, mine’s not been out in a very long time
  2. Annabella. You're not familiar with Ed's work are you? Step away from the thread while you still can...
  3. If you can get hold of Charlotte https://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/member.php?5387-Charlotte, she was a conveyancer, though she's not been on the forum for 2 years so might not be a sensible pursuit.
  4. I’m feeling compelled to post seeing all the other lurkers posting up.
  5. 01. Rob Wild - Preston 02. Sakey - Rochdale 03. Pixelfill - Preston 04. Ian Ian - wigan 05. M5w tt - stockport 06. DanStwo - Wigan 07. Sted - Wigan 08. Animal - (Mon-Thu) Whitehaven, (Fri-Sun) Chorley 09. Neil-NA - Bolton 10. Add Heywood Atherton/Leigh (Wigan) 11. Tooley Euxton 12. Dr Doom - Congleton 13. Matt H - Pennington (Leigh) 14. Stephendjb - Stockport 15. wez_p - Blackpool 16. Zenith - Chester 17. Devaduo - Chester 18. "+1"- Lincoln 19. Havard - Wigan (Well it's the Mrs actually...) 20. Benyon - (Clifton) Salford 21. RussVVTi6Speed - Macclesfield 22. Graham Read -
  6. Not sure how active Rob is nowadays, try Ian Ian and keep your eyes open in the Northwest sub forum, I'm sure when lockdown is relaxed the regular meetings will recommence. Mike
  7. what constitutes active? if popping in and browsing threads for an hour a week counts then I’m in. Lancashire
  8. thank guys, all helpful suggestions, I had a quick look around earlier, and UPS / DPD seem to be reasonably priced. I'll look at the others now. Mike
  9. Hey guys, I’m guessing that many of you will have shipped items to Europe, and am looking for recommendations for shipping providers. The parcel I need to send is just above the Royal mail size limit for international shipping, sum of all dimensions is above 90cm, which pushes it into “Parcelforce global value”. Now the parcel weighs less than 2kg but their equivalent volume weight calc (w*l*d /5000) comes out at 7.25kg which to Spain means I’m looking at £60 shipping! The contents aren’t even worth that, lol. what services can you recommend? Mike
  10. I never went near the Facebook group, so when everyone moved over to that It was noticeable here. I must say that VBulletin has faired pretty well to be fair, given its age it still holds up well. It's a real shame the forum has dropped off. I used to spend hours surfing the new posts, only to have to start again with all the new posts made once I'd reached the end. Unfortunately I think the economic crash did for a lot of the traders, which left a number of members stung by poor workmanship and traders going belly up. We went from a thriving community in the North West to a very small (but
  11. I know I've been gone too long, still lurking, and still have the Sup. Some good guys about aren't there lol I know Ian, sorry to have dropped off the face of the Earth, missed you all Both doing well, and starting school this Sept . Sup still going strong, but not getting the love it used to, not been keeping up on values, but from what I can tell they've gone a bit stupid - does that apply to auto TTs as well
  12. it doesn't count if you reset the computer whilst coasting downhill with a following wind Ro. given a range of 190 miles at average of 2 mpg that suggests a 95 gallon tank lol
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