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12-07-15, 09:47
Have had my UK Tt for 18 years and spent a few grand over the last few years tidying up all of the usual wear and tear weak spots,

had decided to buy another as more of an investment as i can see this being worth 20k in 5 years so just bought a 95 UK TT 68k miles, silver, all black leather interior to keep the existing one company .

The car has full toyota server history 23 stamps and bundles of receipts and mots plus the brakes, suspension, pipes and even the glasshighlights, wheels,, tyres all done over last year. There are a few small jobs for me to do re clean wax oil the underside, stereo and a full service at toyota , drove it back from Colchester yesterdays and it felt tight strong everthing works, drives and stops smoothly
Will add a few snaps

Marcus GTE
12-07-15, 09:59
Nice one, same year and spec as mine only less miles.

Sounds clean. Congrats :)

12-07-15, 15:32
Pictures added

12-07-15, 17:09
I think I saw that one for sale, it did look like it had a great history of consistent but low annual mileage use, glad it's gone to an enthusiast to be looked after.

Big Supes
12-07-15, 17:26
Nice purchase! A worthy investment. :)

13-07-15, 16:01
Looks like a great find! Auto I presume?

13-07-15, 16:24
Looks a nice clean example you got there.

13-07-15, 16:31
Nice!!! 2 uk's is just greed Haha

try and make it along to a weekly meet dude be good to see the car/s and meet new faces

13-07-15, 16:56
Will post more photos soon ....its auto and has an hks silent hi power exhaust so sounds ok and it great condtion ...just needs waxoil and a few small jobs and then will be good for 100 miles a month only for next 5 years

17-07-15, 19:46
Couple more photos ...Zun sport grill sort of works also two cars on my drive