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  1. Hehe, I have some from 2002 and 2004.. oddly the ones from 2002 I dont see many I took of Supras!
  2. Yup, even the chinese has moved on - good times tho - and a friendly bunch from day one!
  3. Yeah I think it was KeithC who wrote off his white UK6?
  4. Happy birthday to the club, its been a very fun ride and here's to many more years! These are my earliest club pictures, taken in 2001 in a cold and dreary Stevenage at my first club meet, prior to me being a member, I was an imposter then in a Gen 7 Celica Syed Shah's UKTT6 inspired me to get one myself, and also where I had my first brush with a Veilside wing in person! Have many many others from Supra.net events throughout the early years!
  5. No need at all to go to the US for tuning, plenty of competent tuners in the UK to help you out.
  6. Might invest in a black set for winter use, and keep the cream ones for summer. I'm just pleased they make them for the MKIV!
  7. Bobbeh

    GR Yaris

    They look like a lot of fun, we had a Hybrid version and it was such a disappointment, this clearly is the total opposite, congrats on your purchase!
  8. Dunno, thats why I'm asking. My cream set from Toyota weren't that expensive either tbh. (when compared to the black ones). Just saw the add on FB and wondered.
  9. https://carmats.co.uk/products/toyota-supra-mk4-1993-1998-car-mats Seems a reasonable price for a whole set, plus you can pick and choose colours too. (And no, I dont work for them)
  10. I used to live down Kings Reach, moved to South Cambs now, only about 20 mins away. You probably wouldn't have seen my Supra about, its only been out the garage about 3 times this year!
  11. No worries, likewise usually! Looked good
  12. Spotted this afternoon, 1pm ish. M *** PVN? Looked clean.
  13. [quote name='JRS'] Thanks all for the warm welcome and the delay in responding. I will try and attach a picture to this. The pic is an old one, the paint is a bit tatty now. [ATTACH]525518[/ATTACH][/QUOTE] Almost a spitting image of mine.. although I had the Blitz Silver 03's! :) If you haven't done so already, go verify it on the Supra Registry website! [url]https://thesupraregistry.com/[/url]. :thumbs:
  14. Thanks but I get a failed message on the upload, and I cant be arsed to host it.
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