View Full Version : New Supra TT6 Manual Owner in Devon!!

28-06-15, 19:35
Hi All,
Just picked up my Supra TT6 manual on friday after trading in my R34 GTT at Torque GT, had to wait 10 looonngg weeks, for it to arrive from Japan, but boy is it worth it, the Skyline was good fun, but this beast is on a different level, cant stop grinning everytime I boot it, although it sometimes hits a brick wall, which I think is the fuel cut triggering...will have to sort that soon LOL! Anyway, thought I would share some pics to see if you guys approve. One last thing...the car came with a large ARC full carbon fibre GT rear wing (complete with carbon fibre mounts), which I will be putting up for sale soon if anyones interested (pm me), plus I will post up some pics with it on the car if requested. Hopefully I will see some of you guys at local meets perhaps.
Cheers for now!!:friday:

Admiral Donuts
28-06-15, 19:52
Welcome to the club and nice looking Supra mate.

I've had mine for nearly 2 weeks now and I love it.

Have you got any plans for it or are you leaving it as it is?

28-06-15, 20:30
that looks great
I really want that bonnet ;)

28-06-15, 20:35
Looks lovely mate and :welcome: to the club!

29-06-15, 10:28
Lovely looking Supra, Welcome to the club :)

29-06-15, 10:43
Really nice looking Supra you've got there mate, great kit.

29-06-15, 10:48
Welcome. :)

I got mine from Torque GT too, great bunch of guys.

29-06-15, 14:41
Saw your car when I picked up mine! :-) the guys were fantastic to deal with.

29-06-15, 19:06
Welcome on board

Looks nice, saw it on Facebook on the Torque GT page

Where abouts in Devon are you, few shows coming up if you fancy it


29-06-15, 19:31
Hi mate,
Living in Newton Abbot!

29-06-15, 19:38
Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome, and appreciate the comments on the new car:)

29-06-15, 19:40
Yes I agree....I have bought a lot of cars in my time and dealt with a lot of dealers, and the guys at Torque are a breath of fresh air!!

29-06-15, 19:50
A TRD rear wing would be nice, but I can live with the standard one for now. Regarding the mechanicals though, it has all the BPU parts already installed, though I do need to fit an FCD. Its quick, but there is always room for improvement.....would like it to be as fast as my Busa, but that may cost a fair bit to achieve:confused: Is the next stage a single turbo conversion? not sure about that mod, as I am loving the power delivery of the sequential turbos, and dont fancy the lag of a big turbo, any suggestions?

Dim Sum
29-06-15, 20:18
Welcome to the club :)

How much you planning to the ARC full carbon fibre GT rear wing for?

29-06-15, 20:26
Lovely looking car!

You can hit 600hp with virtually no more lag nowadays. Probably even get a faster spool than stock.

29-06-15, 20:46
Yeah, as Scott said with the newest gen Garrett, Precision, Borgwarner etc turbos you can have a 500-600hp car that spools faster than stock twins.

The downside is the price, you are looking at 10k+ for a decent single setup.

29-06-15, 21:48
Hi All,
With regards the rear wing, I have for sale I believe it is the ARC GTC-300 model (Full Carbon fibre), and I have attached some pics of it below. It was a bit milky on the top, when it was removed, so I gave it a t-cut and then back to blacked it and it is looking a lot better now, however you might want to clear coat it to make it brand new again. As you know these wings are not cheap 1000 pounds plus, brand new, but I am open to sensible offers, so try me. Thanks!