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19-07-03, 23:43

TOTB 2- Ten of the Best -Sunday 3rd August 2003:
The biggest and best gathering of the UK's finest performance modified road cars. Ten of the best examples of each car type, racing head to head on 1/4m drag runs, top speed and a timed handling course. All cars are road legal, taxed, tested and insured. Modifications and nitrous are allowed.
Trophies are awarded for the fastest times of the day, in addition to other awards.
Class A is for front wheel drive cars
Class B is for rear wheel drive cars
Class C is for four wheel drive cars
Class D is for twin engined Cars/bike engined cars
The drag strip is a 1/4m length, and all competitors are given a time and speed at the finish of each run. Reaction times are not included in the E.T
The top speed trap is achieved from the left-hand drag lane only, and is at 1.25 miles distance, so expect some serious top speeds!
The handling circuit is a separate timed lap, and will feature a trophy for the fastest in each class at the end of the day. Timed runs finish at 3.30pm.

TOTB 2 Event schedule
Saturday 2nd August- set up day, traders/crew and support on site, 12noon-6pm.

Sunday 3rd August TOTB 2
7.30am gates open for press and competitors/support crews
9.00am photoshoots for press etc, scrutineering, signing on for drivers, spectator gate open.
9.30am Driver briefing at control.
9.45am Cars prepared and warmed up, ready to race.
10am qualifying runs commence, all times to count. Handling course cars get an untimed lap to allow familiarisation with the course.
3.30pm approx. End of Qualifying. Class winners are decided on fastest times set during qualifying. Points are awarded to the top ten cars overall in each event (1/4m, top speed and handling). These points count toward the Team award and Overall TOTB 2 Champion 2003. The eventual champion really will have been the best overall car of the event!
The top 4 cars from each class qualify for the 1/4m drag shootout finals, plus the fastest 5 cars overall from the handling course qualify for a one-lap shootout to find the Handling champion. (The Top speed event champion will be found at the end of qualifying only, with no further shootout allowed.)

4.00pm approx. Elimination Finals
The fastest 5 cars overall from the handling course will get a one-lap shootout to find the Handling Champion. Points then awarded to previous scores gained from overall qualifying.
4.30pm approx.
1/4m Drag Shootout Finals
The top 4 cars from each class race, 2 at a time, over a 1/4m, head-to-head. First past the post wins, so good technique and reactions vital. Loser is eliminated. The winner can gain additional points to add to previous points gained.
5.pm approx. Overall Champion decided.
The points gained during the day, plus any additional points won during the shootout finals, are totaled up to give the Overall TOTB 2 Champion
5.15 approx. Trophy presentations.
6pm Event closes.
Please respect the surrounding villages and drive carefully!

Supra Entries
Christian Doran
Gavin Loughton
Ian Chisholm
Paul Whiffin
Michael Lane
Terry Saunders
Nito Morelli
Leon Green
(Glen Warren running for 200plus club..yes running for 200plus)

Maps and Directions
Link to Map (http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?X=470000&Y=450000&width=500&height=300&client=public&gride=470335&gridn=447874&keepicon=true&coordsys=gb&addr1=&addr2=&addr3=&pc=&advanced=&scale=100000&out.x=5&out.y=10)

24-07-03, 22:37
These are the rules for the event (very long) and are open to change at present..

Top Ten Shootout Sunday 3rd August 2003
Rules and format of the event

All entrants, guests and spectators hereby agree to and accept the rules and terms as laid down by the organisers and must abide by them at all times on site. Anyone not complying may be asked to leave site. The organisers also reserve the right to refuse admission, and to eject people from site if so required. No refunds will be given to anyone ejected from the event for whatever reason. No refunds will be given unless the event is totally cancelled.
No refunds will be given to entrants who withdraw/fail to attend for whatever reason. Any reserve participants called upon to take part will have to reimburse the person they replace on the day, in liason with the group co-ordinator for each participating club/group. No refunds will be paid via the organisers for this eventuality. All entrants have to pay in full, and have emailed or posted us a fully completed application form, by July 1st latest. Changes to drivers to be notified in advance, no driver changes will be allowed on the day without permission.

All entrants are required to sign a liability disclaimer as a condition of entry, and therefore agree to the terms and conditions before being allowed to participate. This includes agreement for Trackday Plus Ltd. to use any video/photographic images or interviews for our own purposes, including marketing and promotion. (See separate document). Anyone wanting to remain "anonymous" with respect to numberplates etc would be advised to blank out the registration plate beforehand. All competitors will be given a set of unique numbers to identify them for timing purposes. These stickers to remain in clear view at all times.

Entry to site/Registration

Gates open at 7.30am for competitors and their passengers/support vehicles only. All competitors must report to the Control Point for signing on and to their respective Club/group rep if required. All competitors must be signed on and ready to run by 9.30am. You will be expected to drive sensibly on site at all times while queuing and returning to the start area. Anyone racing/speeding in non-designated areas, access roads etc will be warned once only, then asked to leave site without refund if caught/seen again. Marshals will be on site during the day. Only the registered drivers will be able to drive that vehicle during the day. It is not acceptable to allow other persons to drive the entered vehicle without confirmation from the organisers in advance. To do so invalidates your entry and you will be disqualified. All drivers will be issued with a wristband, and anyone caught driving a competition vehicle without one will result in the car being disqualified.
Any support vehicles will be directed to the designated areas. Anyone bringing trailers or transporters will need to arrange this beforehand. You will not be allowed to leave these vehicles in the main competitor car areas this year. All clubs are allotted a designated parking area within pitlane and drivers should try to return there and park sensibly while not racing.

Spectating- Public
Gates open from 9.00am for all public/club members who are spectating. Designated car parking will be provided and must be used; security guards are on site at all times covering the car parks. All persons on site will be expected to behave and park responsibly. Anyone not doing so will be ejected from site. Anyone wandering off from the designated spectating areas will be warned, then removed from site if need be. Racing will stop until such persons are returned to a safe spectating area.
A 20 per person entry fee will be payable on the gate, in cash only on the day for anyone without pre-paid entry tickets. A top speed spectating area is provided, access only by site bus, and no one will be allowed to spectate from elsewhere, apart from the main public viewing arena.

Other information
Toilets will be provided in the main public areas.
Catering vans will be on site during the day, along with Ambulance, fire and safety personnel.
A map and directions are available on our website www.totb.co.uk

Any Queries/problems on the day:
Contact the nearest Marshall who will advise, or direct you to the control room if required.

Cars- Basic Rules & Regulations
All cars must be road legal and taxed/tested and insured. Documents of proof should be available for all vehicles, on the day. (Mot, logbook, insurance cover note, or be provided if asked). Tyres must be E marked or DOT marked, and fully road legal, with legal tread limits when scrutineered. No slick tyres or bald/dangerous tyres allowed. Random checks will be carried out in addition to all cars being checked before the finals. Anyone found to be using tyres not conforming would be disqualified from the event. Cars will be expected to run in full road legal trim, i.e. with working lights, handbrake etc. Check with us if in doubt! The organiser's decision is final in all cases, and arguments will not be entered into. Any objections about a particular car/competitor will only be answered if lodged on the day, with your club rep and either Chris Mann or Trevor Duckworth, in person. No objections will be accepted after the event closes on the day.
All vehicles will be scrutineered for safety before being allowed to participate. Fuel rating is unlimited. (I.e. race fuel allowed) as is nitrous. There is a Shell garage within 15 minutes of the venue that sells Optimax. Should you break down on site, or while queuing, inform the nearest Marshall, while taking precautions not to wander into any return road areas.
If you intend working on your car, or making adjustments, please do so in your designated areas, not in the queues for the lanes. You will be removed if blocking the lanes off.
If you wish to park up and spectate for a while, please feel free to do so only when parked up in the designated area. If you wish to withdraw from the event before the end for any reason, and thus leave site, you must report to the main control room and inform them of this.
Competitors will be required to wear helmets, a limited number of loan helmets will be available, but bring your own if you can, open face helmets are acceptable. Arms and legs must be covered by clothing whilst competing. Insurance and personal liability cover is not included for any entrants or spectators, you are advised to arrange your own cover if required. This is a timed event and you should notify your insurers to check if covered. Motorsport events are dangerous, and by coming onto site/competing you accept liability for any accidents or damage.

Competition Classes
Class A = FWD- front wheel drive vehicles.
Class B = RWD- rear wheel drive vehicles. (Includes mid engines etc)
Class C = 4WD- 4 wheel drive. This includes vehicles with switchable 2/4wd transmission.
Class D = Any car not falling into the above, i.e. twin engined cars. (Bike engined cars may fall into the appropriate category A, B or C depending on drivetrain configuration.)

Trophies and Awards -Top Ten Shootout 2003
1.Quickest 1/4m Drag time for each class. (At close of qualifying)
2.Highest Top speed in class. (@Approx. 1.25miles distance) for each class as above. (competition closes at end of qualifying.) The TOTB 2 Top Speed Champion will therefore be the overall highest top speed from all classes. (No additional top speed shootout will be run).
3.Fastest Timed Circuit Lap for each class. (At close of qualifying)
All of the above categories will all be based on actual timed runs obtained during open qualifying.
Points will also be awarded to the Top 10 cars overall for each discipline. These count toward the overall Champion and Team awards.
Finals- 4pm onwards:

4. TOTB 2 Handling Champion. The 5 quickest handling cars from qualifying will get one lap each to find the Overall Handling Champion. One lap each, fastest time wins. Additional points gained here count toward the overall TOTB 2 champion award.
5. TOTB 2 1/4m Drag champion The top 4 cars in each class race head to head, first across the line, to find a shootout class winner. The fastest 1/4m 2wd car will then be found, and will then take on the 4wd winner to give our Overall Drag Champion. Any additional points gained here add toward the overall TOTB2 Champion award.
6. TOTB 2 Team Award This will be an annual Shield awarded to the team with highest combined points score gained from the day.
7. TOTB 2 Champion This will be the car with the highest points total from the day, from handling, top speed and 1/4m, including any bonus points gained from the shootouts.

24-07-03, 22:38
Actual Event Description

1/4m Drag Racing and Top speed Runs- Main runway 10am-3.30pm
This will be run with two cars at a time, head to head, in separate lanes. Timing gear and staging lights will be used, with the elapsed time and speed taken at 1/4m distance from the start.
The right hand drag lane terminates just after this 1/4m distance, and the car in that lane must then brake and return back to the main start area, via the return runway. You must NOT continue down the runway to the top speed trap. The car in the left-hand lane will continue accelerating down the runway, before passing a final speed trap at approximately 1.25miles for a top speed-reading, before braking back down to low speed and returning back to the main start area. The top speed trap will be full runway width. You will then be able to return to the queues for either the handling circuit, drag/top speed runs as you wish. You must observe the 30mph max speed on all the return roads and 5mph in queuing areas. Keep to the right hand side of the return runway, as you are not allowed to drive on the central section. Public spectators will be allowed to view the cars from the queuing lanes, pits and main areas. A top speed viewing area is also in use. Timing slips will be recorded for all runs, and used for verification. The main computer records every individual run taken throughout the day, on all 3 events.

Head-to Head Shootout to determine the 1/4m Drag Champion
The drag classes will be run on an open qualifying basis from 10.00am to 3.30pm. After that time the fastest 4 cars in each class will then be selected, and will be drawn to race each other, first across the line, loser eliminated. Times do not matter at this point, it's first across the line!
There will then be a 2WD shootout, with the FWD class champion taking on the RWD Class champion, again head-to head, to determine the Fastest 2wd car. (First across line)
The final shootout to determine the TOTB 2 1/4m Drag champion will be a straight "first across the line" between the 4wd and 2wd winners.
All class leaders will be posted /called up after 3.30pm. All leading cars must be ready and available to run from 4pm. If you are not ready or not in line for the run when called you WILL be eliminated. There are no second chances, so ensure you are ready at 4pm if you qualified.

Handling Circuit
Throughout the day a separate handling course will be in use. Only one car at a time will be run on the circuit, and a time recorded. You may enter the queue for the sprint circuit at any time during the day, and the only limit to the number of single runs will be the amount we can fit in during the day. The far left-hand lane is the one to use if awaiting a sprint run rather than drag/top speed. Although you can push your car to its limits, in relative safety here, anyone repeatedly going off or destroying the circuit set up through mis-use may be prevented from using the area. After completing a timed run, you will be directed back into the main pitlane, and will return back to the main queuing lanes. Timed runs will cease at 3.30pm. At 4pm approx. the Handling finals will be run, on a one lap shootout basis, with the fastest lap winning.

Filming/cameras/video etc
Throughout the day various Professional camera teams will be onsite filming the event. In addition, our own in-car cameras will be used wherever possible, and will be installed on all vehicles at some point by the camera teams. As a condition of entry all competitors agree to our terms and conditions regarding filming and image rights, and should allow for unhindered camera access to their vehicle if so requested. This also includes fitting the in-car cameras, which will be mounted safely and securely before any filming runs. You will get more than enough timed runs through the day, but you must also allow time for cameras to be fitted/removed as required. After each top speed/drag run, you must return back to the queue lanes immediately to allow any cameras to be removed if required. The same applies on the timed handling course, where each car will return back via the single entry/exit gate. You will not be allowed to start any runs until any cameras fitted are made secure.
All entrants will receive a complimentary copy of the video or dvd after the event. You will be contacted when it is ready. DVD's will be sent unless you ask otherwise.
There is no restriction on people using their own in-car camcorders, as long as securely fixed. We would also encourage any private filming of the run-up to the event, including any preparations or testing etc! There are however very strict terms and conditions regarding any public broadcast, reproduction or sale of such footage, and you should familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the image rights disclaimer. (See separate sheet)

Car Clubs
All participating clubs/groups are encouraged to advertise the club/group name by means of banners, boards and displays. Flags will be permitted only if securely fixed. Only official Club merchandise may be sold on the day. Any display banners etc must be fixed securely and be safe, as responsibility lies with the clubs themselves. Any tools/equipment or fuel is brought onto site at your own risk and should be stored safely at all times.

Trade Displays
No unauthorised trade displays will be allowed, contact us in advance if you wish to do so.


All results will be collated around 5pm, and any queries/discrepancies should be noted to the organisers before this time. Timing slips may be issued to competitors throughout the day for them to keep, but each and every run is backed up on the main computer system.
Any objections should be lodged immediately with the control/organisers. No objections can be lodged after the event closes. Our decision is final in all respects.

Trophies and awards will be presented shortly after 5pm.

Please note these events are to be run on a friendly, fun, SAFE basis. All cars and drivers should read and comply with the rules as they are, and remember that these events are INVITE only, you may not be asked back if your on-site behavior is not acceptable.

Commentary/General control

The marshals, timing and the event in general are to be run from the main control caravan located near the start line area. In the event of any problems or queries, please inform your liason representative in the first instance, who should then report to the main control centre and ask to speak to either Trevor Duckworth or Chris Mann. The organisers reserve the right to amend or alter the format and rules as required.
We would ask that you please respect the locals and the surrounding area, on driving to and from the event, and adhere to all speed limits in the vicinity. Any external problems outside the site are beyond our control, but do of course reflect badly on us all.

24-07-03, 22:44
as discussed above the information is subject to change.

This is now the format for the final head to heads

basic change is we are going to run the final 1/4m drag shootout for the top 8 overall, on 1/4m set during the day, regardless of class, as opposed to "fwd winner vs rwd" winner then vs 4wd etc.

handling finals will now also be the top 8 cars OVERALL fighting it out, as opposed to top 4 previously mentioned.

Kevin Huntley
24-07-03, 23:00
I think me and Mat Harwood are also running, we both filled the forms in and sent the cheques away but I have heard nothing back so I am assume where running! It less someone tells us different!

24-07-03, 23:20
I've seen Leon's name down as running for the 200+ club aswell :eek:

25-07-03, 10:48

Chris Mann tells me yours and Matts forms arrived after the cut off date and so he is currently unable to fit you in. He is trying to fit people in as others drop out but he is still over subscribed for the event. You may want to mail Chris directly to confirm the situation though just to make sure.

Leon was brought back as an invited competitor after winning the RWD category last year so rather than have him taking up a Supra space he was put in with the 200plus people. As it happens we didnt make our full quota as some forms arrived after the cut off period.


Kevin Huntley
25-07-03, 13:28
Thats a shame I hope we get in!:(

I do feel slightly annoyed by the whole situation! Both Mat and myself were keen from the start to run in the event but as we were both deamed not to be powerfull enough we were put on the reserve list. As soon as Terry told us there were now spaces available we both filled our forms in the very same day and sent them off.

It appears to me that because certain members were messing Terry about "will I run", "Won't I" that two long standing, keen to race members of the BBS could have missed out! Which has to be said is a sad situation!

I know Mat and I would have been amongst some of the slower competitors running on the day but its the taking part that counts and It looks bad on the Supra comunity as whole that we could not take up our alloted allocation!

Just my 2p worth, I don't know how Mat feels about this!


Terry S
25-07-03, 13:55
Kevin, I have spoken to Chris about this. He is trying to fit both Matt & yourself in, & is constantly updating me. I would personally plan to go as there will deffo be people dropping out on the day or just before.

With regards to people messing me about, it happens. There always seems to be apathy amongst the Supra guys. The Skyline boys have been queing up to run yet we can't get 10 definite runners. We have seen it before with Track Days. I bet if in a Month I asked who wanted to run in TOTB3 I would get 30 + replies. By the time the event comes around we'd be lucky to get 10.

Anyway, I am doing my best for you and Matt

25-07-03, 19:13
For a moment there I thought you said Glen Warren would actually be running. Surely not? :music:

Kevin Huntley
26-07-03, 00:50
Thanks Terry, I appreciate it:)

Originally posted by Terry S
Kevin, I have spoken to Chris about this. He is trying to fit both Matt & yourself in, & is constantly updating me. I would personally plan to go as there will deffo be people dropping out on the day or just before.

With regards to people messing me about, it happens. There always seems to be apathy amongst the Supra guys. The Skyline boys have been queing up to run yet we can't get 10 definite runners. We have seen it before with Track Days. I bet if in a Month I asked who wanted to run in TOTB3 I would get 30 + replies. By the time the event comes around we'd be lucky to get 10.

Anyway, I am doing my best for you and Matt

31-07-03, 22:12
bringing this back to the top as its only 2 days away now.

Im travelling up Saturday, staying in a hotel miles from York and then driving in on the Sunday.

Theres been a few changes to the line up of Supras and Skylines which Im sure somebody will fill us all in on.


31-07-03, 22:18
Crap! I knew there was something going on this weekend that I wanted to go to. I've gone and double booked it now. :mad:

31-07-03, 22:23
Is there a convoy from London/SE going up on Sunday morning ? I can't find any threads.....?

31-07-03, 22:26
lol, theres not been much time to discuss it after the BBS went all tits.

Im sure somebody will be going up Sunday, its a 4 hour drive at least so expect to leave nice and early.


31-07-03, 22:52
Glen Warren is listed under mkivsupra.net I see. Interesting that.

01-08-03, 10:23
All the best to all MKIVSupra.net entrants.

Christian Doran Supra TT 515 RWD
Gavin Loughton Supra TT 400+ RWD
Ian Chisholm Supra TT 470 RWD
Paul Whiffin Supra TT 600+ RWD
Michel Lane Supra TT 517 RWD
Matt Harwood Supra TT 400+ RWD
Nito Morelli Supra TT 500+ RWD
Glen Warren Supra TT 450 RWD


An impressive list of entrants

Envy banner at the top:thumbs:

01-08-03, 13:26
Is there a convoy from London/SE going up on Sunday morning ? I can't find any threads.....?

further to pete's - anyone going up from the SE ?

Terry S
01-08-03, 14:06
Oh god I can only imagine how long it will take you to find your way out of the Yorkshire Countryside:innocent: :p :p

01-08-03, 14:13
just couldn't resist could you ? :mad:

i reckon if i leave tonight .... i shud get there by 9am sunday !:stupid:

by way of aberdeen i guess .......... :( :baa: :confused: :eek:

01-08-03, 14:13
I'm going up from the south east, but not in the Supe and not sure on times - kinda depends when I wake up on Sunday!
So not much good for a convoy but I might see you up there.

01-08-03, 15:49
why not the supe faye ? hope to see you up there...

01-08-03, 16:48
Not taking the Supe because my mum (she's actually looking forward to it!), dad and brother are coming. With the best will in the world I can't get them all in the car, if I did I'm not sure they could get back out again :D
If you see a blue Grand Cherokee with a personalised plate thats me

02-08-03, 01:10
We'll be off in the morning then - see you all there.

For those that don't know me I'm the tall bloke with the big nose (but not as tall as Ian, can't remember how big his nose is tho' :D).

Gaz - will you be sorting us out a decent area in the pits?

Gaz Walker
03-08-03, 06:28
Rise and shine boys! :D


03-08-03, 22:08
An excellent event! Got loads of pics and vids, which will go online l8r this week. Nice to meet you aagin Gaz.. and Kev :)

Cracking mix of cars, sounds, smells, women and the varied events along with the top weather made it well worth the near 3 hour drive up. :thumbs:

Paul Whiffin
03-08-03, 23:29
All I can say is bloody rev limiter!

03-08-03, 23:37
Originally posted by Paul Whiffin
All I can say is bloody rev limiter!

Yeah but.... It sounded bloody amazing mate!

Ian C
03-08-03, 23:55
I did the handling course and didn't hit the timing gear

Just thought I'd let you all know. :p :) :D :cool: :thumbs:


04-08-03, 00:00
Originally posted by Ian C
I did the handling course and didn't hit the timing gear

Just thought I'd let you all know. :p :) :D :cool: :thumbs:


I wasn't even going to mention that! I just said in the other thread that you "put in a respectable time on the handling course" and left it at that! ;)

Matt Harwood
05-08-03, 13:16
Originally posted by Paul Whiffin
All I can say is bloody rev limiter!

All I can say is bloody heat! - I couldn't even sustain 1.2 bar with the boost controller flat-out and a straight through 3" exhuast :(

Managed to hit 1.38 with the boost controller set normally, (about 3/4's), the first time I floored it on the way home!!! - Typical :innocent: