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Pi&*ed Off!!!!!!!!!!


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Some off you may know of the saga of my headlights if not .........


I had a set of UK Spec headlights which a brought second hand in good condition but browning a bit roung the chrome rings so i decided it was time to get them referbed so i give Lovatt a shout and send them up.

I send them on the Thursday and on the Monday get a phone call from Lovatt saying that one is smashed!!!!!!

So after alot of forms and collecting info for the insurance i recieve a cheque for the cost of replacement.

A new light is sent from Envy to Lovatt to be painted matt black and resealed.

So any way wake this morning with the postman on the door step imagine the excitment not driven the car in 4 weeks i think he could sense this because he said staight away problem with your package mate


When i opened the package found this.....................




Looks like the form filling starts again and the other one is just as bad the sorting office is at Gatwick iam tempted to go up there and kick some ass:angry:


What make even more upsetting is Lovatt has done such as nice job and those monkeys have just ruined it.


So i have now orded a new set from Toyota which arrive on Saturday but i really wanted them black but have lost complete faith in royal mail so i dont think i will send them again:(

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as you know mate im as gutted as you, i take my time doing this stuff and it takes some morron seconds to ruin it, the best part of me helping people is the happy phone call when they recieve it, not e disgruntaled person telling me the bits i spent ages doing to perfection are fu**ed :mad:


im sure you will come out best in the long run ;) i know how to get the best out of people and i know how to over insure a package :) i also know people who print off the cost of replacements at toyota :D i also know how much a pair of FACELIFT IMPORT lights cost :innocent:

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