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  1. It's a stock one guys, my one doesn't have a cap at the moment, will I need one for it to operate correctly?
  2. I have one to install as my car never had one, can anyone advise me where it's meant to go? Pics would be helpful. TIA
  3. Hi guys and girls! Thought i would pop on here and say hi, and also while im here thought i would ask for some advice! My partner has spilt some drain cleaner chemicals on her kitchen worktop, and it seems to have stained it, i was wondering if theres anything we can do to get it off? Weve tried lots of numerous cleaners but to no avail. Shes moving out next week and the landlord is giving her crap about it. Any advice appreciated!
  4. Cheers for your help guys
  5. Hi guys! Hows it hanging! Long time no see! Supra still off the road May get it going again in the summer hopefully Come on here to pick your brains (hopefully) Ive just bought a new graphics card, but its come with a power connector (pictured) but im not sure which molex connector to use as theres about 5?? (again pictured) im guessing they are all the same as all the wires going to them are the same colours, but how do i know which ones to use or would it make no difference? TIA
  6. Where do i start, havent drove it since december last year Ive lost the love and desire for it The Major problem is the paintwork, the whole lot needs a respray, probably doesnt help that its been sitting on the drive for 10 months Front bumper has a massive crack Air con doesnt work, comes on, stays on for 2 seconds then it turns itself off and the AC button light starts flashing Konig seat has a massive tear on the side bolster The roof lining is hanging down above the boot, not sure how to go about reattaching it Passenger side alpine speaker is blown To be honest
  7. Trig

    wow memorys

    Im friends with Steve on fb, hes recently got married and sold his supra a while ago, Have to say i do miss the old days
  8. I've got firefox as well and that's doing the same?
  9. Hi guys, for some reason my Internet explorer has gone haywire? Everytime I open it a box comes up saying "Internet explorer has stopped working" check online etc or close the program are the only options I have? I haven't got an earlier restore point As I've only just started using windows vista and xp created them for u! I haven't got the reboot discs either as I bought the laptop second hand, any of u guys k ow anything I can try or should I take it to a shop?
  10. im with you there mate, i havent driven mine since december. lots of niggles and needs a respray, im thinking of selling but i cant really do it until the bits are sorted, but at the same time dont really want to spend more on it
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