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Following on from a previous thread, I thought this maybe of interest to people.


Name : PLX iMFD




PLX Wideband O2 Controller for accurate Air/Fuel Ratio


Exhaust Gas Temperature


Water Temp, Aftercooler Temp, Transmission Temp, Oil Temp


3 Bar Vacuum-Boost


Coming Soon

Air Intake Temperature

Fuel Pressure

Oil Pressure

iMFD Data Logger Features data record, playback, start, stop, pause, PC connectivity and data logging software for analysis



Customizable display, can display upto 4 sensors per gauge



Sensor boxes need to be installed.

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Name : AEM - Serial Datastream




Monitor 19 channels simultaneously—it’s like having 19 gauges in one!

Works with AEM Programmable Engine Management Systems Only

All necessary hardware and software included for installation

User-programmable datastream channels (PC interface)

User-programmable MIN/MAX values for every channel (PC interface)

Includes two input buttons for scrolling through displayed channels and for clearing MIN/MAX values

24 user-programmable LEDs and three-digit center display (PC interface)

User-selectable alarm values include qualifiers to eliminate false warnings

User-selectable alarm priorities in the event multiple alarms are triggered

Two outputs included to trigger ancillary warning lights or other devices (lights not included)

Silver and black bezels and pin guides, and black and white faceplates included for creating custom look

Quick-Connect technology eases installation

Standard 52mm gauge housing fits in most pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere



Plugs directly into the AEM.



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Defi-Link Display.


Defi-Link Display is a multipurpose monitor which provides information on speed, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust temperature by connecting to the Defi-Link Control Unit II or the Defi-Link Control Unit(end of sale).


Defi-Link Display can be connected to Defi-Link Meters and Defi-Link Meter BFs by using the DAISY CHAIN wiring system.







The display uses OLED(organic light emitting diode).

OLED is an advanced display which is self light emissive, high contrast, high response, low power consumptive, and large view angle. It uses optimal technology for instant readability without afterimages of flicker even when seen from the passenger's seat.


Real-time digital information includes speed, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure and exhaust temperature. Sensor sets need to be purchased separately to display the information on pressures and temperatures.


Vehicle performance data and peak values are placed in memory for 3 minutes, allowing examination of data after running the vehicle.


*Defi-Link Control Unit II has a 3 minute memory. Defi-Link Control Unit has a 40 second memory.


When the RPM signal wire is connected to Defi-Link Control Unit II or Defi-Link Control Unit, 2 warning levels can be set in addition to the warning setting made by Control Unit II or Control Unit, enabling the setting of a total of 3 warning levels(Tachometer Triple Warning Mode).


When the water temperature sensor is connected, the warm-up condition can be monitored.


A graphic animation plays after the ignition is turned on or off(Opening Mode/Ending Mode).


An easily recognizable graphic on each setting screen helps guide easy setting of warnings for Defi-Link Meters and Step Graph(Setting Assistance function).


The Warning LED lights when the set warning value is exceeded for oil temperature, water temperature, exhaust temperature and engine RPM. The Warning LED lights when measured value drops below the set warning value for oil pressure and fuel pressure.


Trouble locations are shown by graphics so that connection problems can be quickly corrected(Self-Diagnosis function).


The structure of the mounting base allows height and angle adjustment so that it can match the shape of the instrument panel.

The Defi-Link Indicator(sold separately) can be connected to the display.


Defi-Link Control Unit II or Defi-Link Control Unit(end of sale) is necessary to operate Defi-Link Display.


Pros :- Will replace all the DEfi Range of gauages with one convienient Display

Cons :- Requires defi link system and Guage sensors

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Name : Blitz DC Gauges


Gauges Available:

DC II Pressure Gauge

DC II Temperature Gauge

DC II Speed/Power Gauge

DC II Exhaust Temp/RPM Gauge

DC Boost Gauge

DC Temperature Gauge

DC Pressure Gauge







DC Live unit


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PLX Devices R500





Designed for the advanced tuner, the R-500 combines 3 essential parameters (Air/Fuel, EGT, Knock) of internal combustion engine tuning into one! As well as 4 Programable Anaolg inputs.

Whether you're on the dyno, track, autocross, street or drag strip, the R-500 can be fully customized to suite your individual application. With intuitive user menus packed with features, merged with powerful PC software, there is virtually nothing that the R-500 can't do.


1. Measures Air/Fuel Ratio, EGT, Knock, and Boost

2. Integrated 6 Inputs for data logging (2 Speed, 4 Analog)

3. 90 minutes of onboard memory for recording and PC download

4. Integrated "Real-time dyno." Measure your HP, TQ without expensive trips to the dyno.

5. Built-in amplifier for audible knock output to speakers or headphones

6. 4 analog outputs (User configurable) for 3rd party interface

7. Replace your stock narrowband sensor. More Info

8. Fully customizable LED warning light or shift light

9. High speed USB 2.0 interface

10. Powerful 32 bit integrated processor, RAM, and FLASH technologies

11. 100% backwards compatible with M-Series controllers

12. Compact dash mountable design (4.75 x 2.25 x 1 inch)

13. Sensor soft start circuitry, prolongs o2 sensor life

14. Powerful PC analysis software included (PLX Logger Version 2.1+ Free Download)

15. Field firmware upgradeable (more features added to R-500 regularly)


External Sensors


R-500 is capable of connecting to 3 external sensors. 1) Wideband oxygen sensor (Bosch or NTK) for accurate air/fuel ratio measurements. 2) K-Type thermal coupler for exhaust gas temperature measurements. 3) Knock sensor for knock volts and audible knock detection. This gives you the capability of actually "listening" to your knock sensor with headphones to detect ping, or signs of premature detonation.


Data Logger Inputs


The R-500 features a built-in 6 input (2 speed, 4 analog) data logger with 90 minutes of on board memory. The 2 speed inputs can be connected to any signal which gives a pulse (Freq Range: 0Hz-10KHz) and the 4 analog inputs can be connected to any signal which gives a voltage between 0-5V. Analog voltages between 5V-25V will be capped at 5V and will not damage the data logger. This gives the user absolute freedom to interface with various signals to and from your ECU.


Here are a few examples of signals that can be logged by the R-500

Vehicle Speed (MPH/Kmh) Ignition Pulse (RPM) Shaft Speed Sensors

Throttle Position (TPS) MAP Mass Air Flow Sensor Brake Signal

Air Intake Temp (AIT) Engine Coolant Temp (ECT) Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) PLX Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio

Knock Sensor PLX G Sensor

Blue - Speed Signal Red - Analog Signal


Pros : Top end of the wideband market which packs a punch. Quality datalogging functions and software.


Cons : Pricey compared to other wideband systems

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Name: Apexi XL





The EL II System Meters are the newest addition to the EL Meters lineup. The 60mm System Meters utilize a main control unit which constantly monitors the movement of all of the gauges. The control unit can activate the memory replay, warning, and peak hold functions with just one touch. The synchronized memory playback function was designed exclusively so that drivers did not need to individually start each meter before a race. A high speed CPU processor ensures accurate monitoring every time.


The main control unit can accommodate up to 6 meters. This gives the user unprecedented flexibility to decide what type of meter to add and how many. All meters come with a multi angle stand to allow easy reading from any vantage point. Since the main processor is not inside of the meter itself, A'PEXi engineers were able to slim down the meter casing so that it can be mounted virtually anywhere inside the cabin.


The high speed control unit processor also eliminates excess wires between the meter and unit. The EL backlit face uses a fresh new design that is easy to read.


Sensors and gauges:

Meter Control Unit

Boost KPA Black

Boost KPA White

Oil Temp Black

Oil Temp White

Water Temp Black

Water Temp White

Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) Black

Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) White

Oil Pressure Black

Oil Pressure White

Oil Pressure White

Fuel Pressure Black

Fuel Pressure White

Mechanical Boost KPA Black (Does not use Control Box)

Mechanical Boost KPA White (Does not use Control Box)

Mechanical Boost PSI Black (Does not use Control Box)

Mechanical Boost PSI White (Does not use Control Box)

Mechanical Vacuum, Blk.

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MXL Display for AEM systems


The MXL family of displays and data loggers are plug and play compatible with all AEM engine management systems. The AEM system must have firmware version 1.19 or higher for it to recognize the MXL. The MXL connects to the AEM units via a serial RS-232 connection.


With an MXL display or data logger plugged into your AEM system, you add a powerful, stunning display and data logger to your car. The MXL Strada is a dedicated street display, the MXL Pista and MXL Pro are racer-oriented data acquisition systems.




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D100 Dash Display


Product Description:


The Powertrain Control Solutions D100 is a small LCD screen designed to display information about your vehicle. It is a standalone unit that can be programmed to display whatever vehicle information you choose within the operating parameters of your vehicle.


Product Specifications:


· Compatibility with most OBD-II compliant vehicles (vehicles manufactured after 1996)

· Compatibility with all PCS units (ex. the D100 can display information from our EGT module)

· Compatibility with aftermarket engine controllers

· Hundreds of available parameters available for display (ex. RPM, gear, speed, battery voltage, engine temp, air temp, MAP, MAF , TPS %, injector pulsewidth, oxygen sensor values, calculated airflow, calculated fuel flow, oxygen sensor learn/trim, etc)

· CAN bus communication with all PCS devices

· Durable and aesthetic plastic housing

· Our high quality LCD is blue with white text and is very easy to see in direct sunlight or at odd angles






D200 Touchscreen Dash Logger

as above with full datalogging functions and Touch screen display




Product Specifications:


· CAN 2.0b

· RS-232 (Communication with Aftermarket ECUs)

· PC Communication & Download Capability

· Realtime Datalogging & Monitor Screens

· Native Communication with PCS Devices

· 2 Frequency Inputs (rpm, wheel speed, etc)

· 8 Programmable Analog Inputs (MAP, MAF, TPS, CLT, etc.)

· High Resolution (320x240) Blue LCD Screen

· Fully Programmable, Display any Input Parameters

· High Sensitivity, Resistive Touchscreen

· Datalogging from CAN, RS-232 & Built-in Inputs

· Central Datalogging Location for all Electronics

· In-Field Flash Upgradable

· Offered in a durable 4.6 x 6.9 x 1.4in case

· 2MB Standard Memory (4, 8, 16, 32 MB available)

· 120 min of typical Datalog time for 25 Channels at 10

samples/sec for 2MB Standard Memory

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The MXL Strada makes a statement on any street bike or performance street car -- anywhere you need style, accuracy, and reliability without the cost or complexity of a full data logging system.


The MXL Strada is a digital dash and gauge, featuring a tachometer, RPM input, 8 analog inputs, 1 speed input, CAN/serial ECU connector, gear position indicator (sampled or calculated), and lap timer. The MXL Strada stores lap time data for on-board replay.


With standard features including a wide, fully configurable display, six configurable alarm LED’s, and backlight, the MXL is a stylish, powerful display for performance vehicles.


Street Smarts


The MXL can be interfaced (via CAN or RS-232 serial) with a variety of vehicle ECU's (engine control units) including MoTec, Pectel, DTA, MBE, EFI, Seat, Autronic, Bosch, Racetech and Carmo. Or use the AMP connector and deploy a powerful array of sensors on your vehicle, including pressure, temperature, throttle, steering, suspension, speed, Lambda sond, and more.


Science over Superstition


Connect sensors to the MXL and it samples and displays data from those sensors. For example, you can connect a wheel speed sensor and get continuous reads on your speed as you drive. AiM Sports uses sophisticated data acquisition technologies in the MXL to make this process fast, accurate, reliable, and cost-effective.


Unlock the Power


Connect the MXL to your vehicle’s ECU and unleash the MXL’s true power: sampling and displaying dozens of channels straight from the vehicle’s nerve center, including specialized sensors built into the vehicle. This is often the quickest and easiest setup, needing only 1 cable connection to the ECU instead of multiple connections to analog sensors, yet it yields the most dramatic results. In addition - you can leverage your aftermarket ECU investment.


The MXL uses state of the art algorithms to sample, calculate and display RPM, lap time, gear position, speed, temperatures and more. The MXL Strada stores lap time data for on-board replay.


Read on to learn more about the MXL Strada's features.


Need even more power?


All of the features mentioned above come with the MXL Strada model. The MXL Pista model adds on 8 MB of memory for hours of data logging. With data logging, you can download the logged data to your PC for analysis. Compare different vehicle setups, tracks - even different drivers - and get the most from your practice sessions. Look back through detailed race day logs to identify winning performance techniques - or, learn from less than stellar performances. In addition, the MXL Pista features a built in G-sensor (accelerometer) for creating track maps.


For the high-end, engineering-minded driver or technician, the MXL Pro model has all of the Pista features and adds on 2 Deutsch connectors, a total of 4 speed inputs, a total of 16 MB of memory, a total of 12 analog inputs, and CAN protocol for expansion modules.


CAN Protocol


BMW_Mini - Mod. BMW_Mini

Bosch - Mod. MS3

Bosch - Mod. MS4

Bosch - Mod. BoschVWGroup

Bosch - Mod. Porsche 911 (Mod. 996)

Brightwater - Mod. Tyrepress4Sensor

Delphi - Mod. Mefi 4B

Denso - Mod. RX8

EFI Europe - Mod. Euro 1

EFI Europe - Mod. Euro 6

EFI Europe - Mod. Euro 12

EFI Europe - Mod. Euro 96

Marelli - (Mod.) Customer Protocol

Marelli - Mod. FR2000

Marelli - Mod. FR1600

Marelli - Mod. RSA

Marelli - Mod. Toyota

Marelli - Mod. ToyotaB

MecTronic - Mod. MK_E4

MoTec - Mod. M400

MoTec - Mod. M600

MoTec - Mod. M800

Racetech - Mod. EM_46

SEAT - Mod. ECU_1

Sodemo - Mod. EV_11

TMS - Mod. TyrePress

TMS - Mod. TyrePress4Sensor

RS232 Serial Protocol

Autronic - Mod. SM2_V190/191

Autronic - Mod. SMC_V191

Autronic - Mod. SM2_V193/195

Autronic - Mod. SM4

Carmo - Mod. AFI_2003

Carmo - Mod. AFI_2005

DTA - Mod. P8

DTA - Mod. P8V29

DTA - Mod. P8V30

EFI USA - Mod. 2.1

EMS - Mod. Stinger

GEMS - Mod. Omex

MBE - Mod. 967

MBE - Mod. 970

MoTec - Mod. M4 (DataSet 5 e DataSet3)

MoTec - Mod. M48 (DataSet 5 e DataSet5)

MoTec - Mod. M8 (DataSet1)

Pectel - Mod. T2

Pectel - Mod. T6

Racetech - Mod. ENGMAN_18

Sybele - Mod. RS232

Wolf - Mod. Wolf 3D


There is a Seperate AEM Dash based on the Above available.


MXL Strada




* Wide, brilliant display (5.5") with backlight standard

* RPM displayed by number and graphic curve

* Configurable RPM scaling

* 1 RPM input

* 1 Speed input

* 8 analog input channels: temperatures, pressures, potentiometers, Lambda sond, onboard and custom sensors

* Samplng rates: digital inputs up to 50 Hz, analog thermocouple up to 100 hz, analog potentiometer up to 500 Hz

* Gear number calculated or sampled from on-board sensor

* 10 shift light LED's - green - yellow - red

* 6 freely configurable alarm LED's for min/max alarm

* Infrared lap receiver and infra red lap transmitter

* Lap times - split times

* Configurable number of split times

* 128 kb of non-volatile memory stores lap data for on-board playback only

* Built in clock and calendar for test management

* Internal data acquisition system

* Total and partial odometer (with reset)

* Rugged, water resistant, lightweight aluminum chassis

* Optional built-in GPS system

* CAN/Serial (RS-232) interface connects to many ECU's (see list at right)




* Dimensions: 6.85" wide x 4.33" (174 x 110 mm)

* Display dimensions: 5.5" x 2.6" (140 x 67 mm)

* External 9-15 V power supply

* 128 kb non-volatile internal memory

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I like that D200 :drool:




I'm not sure the D200 can be used with any supra's though for some of the more advanced features. It mentions RS232 support, so this MAY be compatiable with MOTEC/AEM. Would be worth checking it out.


The common protocols for this unit are CAN-bus or OBDII. Ian, my maplin project is going to support CAN bus :p

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The Super Sports Cluster is £1000+ :faint:


Does this replace the stock cluster or is it just a gauge set to stick somewhere else? (e.g. top glove box etc)

It's a pity there isn't a complete replacement for the stock cluster - it really is one of the weak points of the interior in terms of aged looks.

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Does this replace the stock cluster or is it just a gauge set to stick somewhere else? (e.g. top glove box etc)

It's a pity there isn't a complete replacement for the stock cluster - it really is one of the weak points of the interior in terms of aged looks.


Yes they replace the stock dash gauges, here is a pic of them fitted in the Top Secret Supra




Defi also sell the CF surround to fit the Supra.

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AEM Gauge-Type Wideband UEGO Controller


A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. AEM has combined its single-channel wideband UEGO controller and gauge display into one unit, uniting unsurpassed AFR accuracy and control with an easy-to-read interface. AEM’s Gauge-Type Wideband UEGO Controller features a digital LED display and sweeping LED “needle” that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean. The unit’s 52mm (2-1/16”) gauge housing fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere.


*Ideal AFR monitoring tool for EFI and carbureted applications, and engine dynamometers

*Does not oscillate AFR reading like narrow band sensors

*No laptop required for monitoring!

*Bosch sensor included

*Accurate to 0.1 AFR

*Reads in AFR or Lambda via a switch in back of gauge housing

24 Color-coded LED display lights provide immediate reference to engine’s air/fuel ratio (AFR) or Lambda ratio

*Integrated three-digit display reveals AFR or Lambda in real time

*User-programmable 0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system

*Serial data stream included for output of AFR (RS 232)

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