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  1. imi

    Top Gear

    think its pretty good - worth a watch.
  2. Boring Track as always - good win for Ferrari and an impressive performance by Bottas. If this is representative of things to come then THIS will be the most competitive season of the V6 hybrid era (which doesn't say much about the racing of the past few years).
  3. Don't see why merc would be super upset. Sure he was a good driver, a known entity. But the car is the superstar and being an engine formula merc have had the advantage for three years. They will do fine with bottas.
  4. Looks like Merc have it in the bag for the 4th year in the row. Hoping to be proved wrong after the 1st handful of races. Very impressed with Bottas for his 1st Qualli with Merc - lets see if he can match or beat LH in a few races.
  5. imi


  6. nice looking car - all the best with the sale.
  7. Rosberg - an exemplar of a team player, good driver knew his limits and maximise his opportunity against an overrated juvenile teammate to win the WDC in 2016. you will be missed.
  8. unexpected to say the least - but the right decision. beat a very quick opponent that is super hyped - won the WDC and left on a high.
  9. Quick driver flattered by a dominant car ever - The guy has a false sense of self importance. Glad he was put in his place by Rosberg and hopefully toto has the plums to follow through with his threats of disciplinary action - to date they seem to just apply to Rosberg and not both drivers equally. As a fan of be sport I hope RBR have a strong car next year that can dominate the merc while Ferrari and mclaren put in some decent competition too.
  10. Manipulation and price fixing - thought that was illegal......
  11. Well done to Rosberg - enjoyed the move over Max, did what he needed to do throughout the season and won the championship. As for LH - not impressed - poor guy hasn't grown up.
  12. imi

    The Grand Tour!

    Thought it was entertaining and funny.
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