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The Big southend meet


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Due to the sucess of the good old southend meets i think its time to kick off the season with a biggie.


Bank holiday weekend looks to be a good option. Saturday 27th of May, if there are any major objections we can shift it back a week, meeting at tesco's just off the A127. A copy of the map can be found here.


7.30/8pm kick off (will be light then so will be a good opertunaty to get some more fancy photos of your cars, i may even plan an earlier meet if there is alot of interest in brighter light photos), not that it matters as we can loiter the left hand side of tescos car park and will probably stay around for an hour or two. We can then convoy down to the front and try and get a few spaces at the far end of the front (not the arcade area).


\\edit: we wont be going down the front as its closed! after a couple of hours we off down the A127 to basildon to continue the jap thing

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Just thought, the airshow is on that weekend, not sure if the seafront will be closed off with all the stands and exhibitions. :(


I'll check it out.


oh cool the airshow :) its on the sunday and monday :)


edit: just spoke to someone that used to help down there a few years back. they shut the front up the day before so they can start getting the place ready with all the rides and attractions...

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