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Bonnet valuation help


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Hi all wondering if you might be able to help me gauge the price of:

- Stock J-spec bonnet with no dents. (White) 

- UK spec bonnet with hood but no snorkel. (Black) 

I’ve been a little removed form prices for the past year or so, and wanted to check, no plans to sell I should also mention. 


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They seem to take a while to shift but I've seen the j spec bonnets tend to move at around £400 to £500 but they do get advertised for more. I haven't seen a UK spec listed in recent times, I'd guess add a hundred for the scoop, maybe more seeing they are only available as fibreglass repro's these days. It's all a best guess seeing it all depends who and how many people are in the market.

In the good old days those bonnets were £100 all day long but Supra inflation has had its way.

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Thanks for the replies gents, just wanted to gauge the value. 

I spotted a J-spec bonnet sell for £600 a few months back, but prices are a little all over the place. 

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