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93 n/a auto targa top project

Nick hood

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Unfortunately listing my supra due to needing to free up some money as got a big water leak on my house and another baby coming so this is at the back of the list.


I got the car about 7 months ago from an elderly lady that hadn’t used in it 7+ years, I got the car with the intentions of  doing it as a restoration project over a long period of time.


the car is a 1993 with just over 100,000 miles on it, it’s a full car with everything there. As far as I’m aware there is no rot holes anywhere I’ve seen, a bit of surface rust underneath but nothing that needs welding. The paintwork isn’t great but I’m sure if you’re looking to purchase you wouldn’t keep this colour anyway.


When I got the car I put a battery pack on it to see if the motor would turn over and it does but I never tried more than once as fuel would have gone stale from sitting so long and the cam belt needs to be changed to be safe. I was going to do a major service before I even tried to start it properly.


as you can see it’s a project that does require a lot of work but with the right person it’s perfect.


so as follows:

1993 toyota supra jza80

originally silver


auto transmission

targa top

100,000 miles


im from guernsey in the Channel Islands so I believe VAT would need to be paid upon delivery to England, I have logbook in my hands, it was an old English car and wasn’t ever shown as damaged.


delivery can be arranged to anywhere in the U.K. at buyers expense or to Poole if you’d like to personally collect from there.



price wise it’s hard as I haven’t seen many projects for a while but saw one before Xmas same spec same condition but rusty underneath and with no motor at £13,000 so I’m going to start there but I am open to genuine offers


will be gutted to see it go after trying to get it for so long but my family come first


If you’re interested my numbers 













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