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Jak jak

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Hi, We have again been invited to the Bugatti Owners Club Club event day at Prescott Hill Climb, Cheltenham.  Last year we had about 4 cars attend.  This year we have been allocated 8 spaces for the MKIV Supraowners Club.  The event is a non-competitive hill drive event and all cars must be registered and road legal in order to take part.  Price is £55 for 4 hill climbs and paddock parking.

More information on the event schedule will come out closer to the event

If we sell out of our 8 tickets, I believe there is a reserve list that you can be added to for any cancellations.

Check out the video below to see Paul Whiffins Time Attack 1300 BHP tackle the hill climb.  We also have the cover photo on the booking page.

Check this out if you want to see what its all about:    GR Yaris Takes on the Prescott Hill Climb with Ride Along in a 1,300bhp Supra! 21/05/2021 - YouTube

LINK TO BOOKING PLACES:      Car Club Day 2023 | Prescott Hill Climb


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Less than a week to this event.  Anyone that has registered and paid for this please ensure that you have completed the following

You should have received an email from Prescott a few weeks ago:

1 Register to obtain your RD Clubmans Licence (links in email)  DO THIS FIRST

2. Fill in the google form for Prescott (links in email)

3. Drivers briefing at 8.30am on the day / driving starts at 9am

There maybe camping still available and spectator tickets if interested.  Some of the Celica club are staying at the Premier Inn, Cheltenham North, if you want to join them.

Have a great day and don't forget to post some pictures on here.


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