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Hyundai engine knocking


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Can i play the 2016 car knocking game?

Xtrail 50k on the clock serviced by nissan. The front fan was making a noise so took it to the local guy to swap it out, on inspection he said the engine is making a horrendous sound, he went to the unit a few doors up that does rebuilds who more or less said something is very very wrong.  quoted 4k for the rebuild.  I owe nissan 6k on finance.......

Phone nissan who say......away go. Or its 2.5k to look at it or 15k for a new engine.

Odd the car makes no missfires or acts like its on its last legs no warning lights nothing. Anyway i nip into my sisters for a breakdown and a tea, She is having her mobile tech working on her qashaqi. So i thought may as well ask him what he thinks. 

"Seems fine to me wouldn't worry about it"  To the point he parked it next the Qash with the same engine and turned them on. Low and behold they both sound like tractors. 

So now i have

1. a car on its last legs 

2. A guy that i thought was very trustworthy telling me crap.

I phoned a different nissan dealership back and told them. I decided to bite the bullet let them diagnose it. Its going in next Thursday. They also said should they find it to be ok they will happily stick a 12 month warranty on it for £50 a month with free servicing and free mot. 

 So.......yeah....Who knows now? 

Maybe i should drive it to we buy anycar?


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12 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

What is this 'horrendous sound'? 

Engine rattles, now I have heard it to be fair to them. However for it to go away or be intermittent is super odd. I assumed it was something loose rather than internally broken. To the point I wasn’t over concerned 

The thing I don’t like was he removed the oil cap and was like listen the car banged like it had a rock in it. Now I can safely say I’ve never listened to car run for a few seconds with no oil cap. 

I do know it shouldn’t sound like that. Or so I thought until the moblie guy took the cap off the qash and low and behold same thing.

I’ve been using the guy for a while he’s always been super reliable honest.

i guess it’s possible I’m being scammed that both him and the engine guy are saying it needs a rebuild to get a ton of cash then split it. 

Or it’s really that broken which I find hard to believe with zero symptoms of by all accounts a problem so bad I’d be lucky to make it the 5 miles home.

For now I’m willing to give the benefit of doubt and believe he does not know what it was and the engine guy is scamming me.

Nissan have allowed 3 hours with the master tech next Thursday. One way or another I will know what’s up. 

While I’m awake at 5 am worrying I found this on YouTube. This is exactly how my sounds as was used to prove how knackered the engine is…….    


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2 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

On the face of it, sounds perfectly normal to me. And you ran it side by side with another similar car and it sounded the same, that should give you the answer,

IMO of course

This is my thoughts however having never heard the car without the cap on and having two guys tell me it’s fubar and that sound isn’t normal confused the hell out of me.

I’m more inclined to air on your and the moblie guys side and there isn’t anything majorly wrong with it.

Its off road until o take it to Nissan on Thursday to put mine and more importantly the wife’s mind at ease and will report back.

Meantime  the new daily is a 2005 Mini Cooper s. 

A family car it isn’t,


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So nissan looked it at yesterday.

I also decided for 55 quid a month with service and mot included i would get them to do the check to take out the warranty. 

Sadly they found both front tyres at half tread..........thats it............Utter utter scum bags attempting to con 4k pus vat for a rebuild it never needed. Its now sat with the nissan warranty and no more stressing.


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7 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

Glad you got the answer you needed and wanted, but its also a lesson, dont always think the worst and worry about things like this 🙂

The lesson is dont ever listen to the local guy who is clearly a total con artist. The guy legit told me its totaled and would be 4k plus vat to fix.

My guess is he would have done next to nothing charged that and laughed all the way to the bank.

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