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DEPOSIT TAKEN....For Sale Supra TT6 BPU converted from NA5


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Make: Toyota

Model: Supra


Facelift: Pre-Facelift

Mileage:110k ish

MOT remaining: None at the moment

Service history: Mixed, as maintained by me most of it time with me (15 years) major work carried out by SRD for past 10 years

Car's location: Exmouth. Devon

Modifications: See pics for full list, but the more important bits are:

TT transplant and V160 Getrag Gearbox

Bodywork, TRD front bumper, Veilside over fenders, Autoshine carbon, bodywork done over 11 years ago and still holding up very well, although small crack in rear spoiler and tiny one on O/S front wing, filled and sealed with black paint, pics included

Paint is custom and done about 6 years ago, holding up well, a few minor stone chips and some colour fad on the edges of the bonnet.

Wheels are Volk GT-N, 18x10 front with 265 Goodyear F1 and 18x11 with 285 Goodyear F1 good tread all round

HKS Ti exhaust fitted a couple of years ago by SRD (still as new condition wise), cambelt changed about a year ago while putting the replacement Titan Cam Gears on, also had the Lexus 420 diff bits put into my auto small case torsen diff (this gives it the manual ratios), I also get SRD to go over the whole car every time I leave the car with them and put anything right they find, never much, last year just rear pads and discs.

Good bits:

Car is a mega head turner and I get people stopping me for pics all the time, don't buy my Supra if you don't want to talk to anyone.

Mechanically all good as far as I am aware, I have never skimped on maintenance, hence me driving across the country to SRD for maintenance work

Bad bits:

All the polished bits could do with a good polish to get the mirror finish back

No MOT, can't get a Saturday MOT locally since Covid from a garage with a flat entry ramp, again may get a chance to sort before sale, if I get a day off in the week and someone has a space

Headlights need a refurb again or replacing

A couple of small cracks in the paint/bodywork, both been filled and sealed in black paint (need a quick buff over to remove slight excess paint, maybe done before sale, hardly noticable if I hadn't pointed it out), also a few stone chips, nothing major and I have touched up whenever I have spotted any.

Needs a new boot seal, I can see a bit of light coming though, still available from Toyota

Couple of minor electrical issue, should be easy to sort, driver's door speaker cuts in and out, guessing it's a loose connecting, also the boost gauge does the same. I was planning to remove the boost gauge and revert it back to a vent and I never listen to the stereo, so never bother to check the speaker wiring, (came back from the body shop like it).

PRICE £32,500 ovno

I also have lots of spares I would be willing to sell as a complete bundle possibly.

Selling due to lack of use (see MOT checker for yearly mileage), also health wise I can't keep it as clean and polished as I would like any more

Please PM for contact details. I can send more better quality pics or video via WhatsApp

Payment will be via Bank Transfer only, deposit needed to hold

No test drives due to no MOT (can be seen running etc)

Sorry just noticed I have the wrong clutch listed in the specs pic. It actually has an RPS street clutch, lovely stock feel clutch, with a nice easy bite point. From memory LeeP said it is good for 600bhp ish, so my 430bhp ish is no issue












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4 minutes ago, Crash Bandicoot said:

Good luck with the sale Rog!

cant see this hanging around long, it’s one hell of a supra 👍

Bit gutted to sell to be honest, but I just can't manage to keep it properly clean anymore and struggle to drive it any distance (bad back etc). 

It makes me sad to see it sat on the drive, so hopefully someone else can enjoy it

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  • DodgyRog changed the title to DEPOSIT TAKEN....For Sale Supra TT6 BPU converted from NA5

Ahhh I was chatting about this car with the new owner, didn’t spot it was up on here. Shame you had to let go mate but certainly going to a good new home and certainly will be looked after 🙂 

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