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Body shop recommendation around Cambridge area?


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I'm thinking about getting my car sprayed, it's gone rusty. I've tried two different bodyshops so far and I'm getting pissed off because it's rerusted in the same places both times. Will need glass out + some welding.

Does anyone know anyone around Cambridge who knows what they're doing?

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20 hours ago, blythmrk said:

Where is it rusting pictures may help👍

Sills, top of windscreen, and boot seal are the main issues. I'll get some pictures at the weekend if you really want to see 😄

10 hours ago, tayr said:

having just had my whole car bare metal re-sprayed by a garage. The best advice I could give would be to travel to someone who has worked on Supras before. It makes life a lot easier.. @TheTurtlesheadhas his own bodyshop and i hear his work is impeccable however he's a good 2 and a half hours from you

Yeah that's what I figured when I posted to the forum, but I was hoping to find somewhere a bit closer.

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