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Japfest 2022 - Club Stand Cancelled


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Sadly due to the lack of up take on this, we will not be going ahead with it this year. Hopefully next year will be different.

So Japfest is back around the regular time that we all know for the event

We will be looking to do another club stand, I know that last year was a bit of a mess, I had a lot going, so apologies for that.

Lets get this one going shall we. It is always a great turn out from you guys.  So here are the all important details.

Club Ticket Prices

Adult Advanced Entry Ticket - Per Person

Child Advanced Entry Ticket - Aged 14 & Under

Adult Advanced Camping Ticket - Per person. Valid nights of 9th and 10th April

Child Advanced Camping Ticket - Aged 5 – 14. Under 5’s FREE

Public Tracktime - Per 20 minute session

Tracktime Passenger

The statement from Kelsey media is if the club wants a good location for the stand, it is first come first serve, to get the good locations

This year the club tickets are being sold through eventbright (A much smarter decision from Kelsey Media in my opinion)

Here is the link to the booking page:


Please reply to the post if you want in on the club stand and then direct message me for the password to be able to book the tickets.


Dom (CorruptSapphire)

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Right now I am not sure what do with this. There has been very little interest and we have a short while before the booking window ends.


What do you guys think?

On 1/4/2022 at 10:15 AM, markssupra said:

Definately interested Dom, thanks for arranging.


17 hours ago, m12aak said:

I'm interested too please


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3 hours ago, CorruptSapphire said:

Right now I am not sure what do with this. There has been very little interest and we have a short while before the booking window ends.


What do you guys think?



I'm not too sure, if there aren't many takers then it probably isn't worth having a club stand (do you have to pay extra to have one?) I'm planning on going anyway, irrespective of the club having a stand or not, and would certainly be up for being on the stand if we have one (obviously!)

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12 hours ago, markssupra said:

Sorry Dom, been mega busy at work.

Will you still do the club stand even if only a few? I still want to go, dont know why there's so little interest

Hey bud no problems, on being busy.

Right now there is going to be only three people at most. I am not sure why interest has tailed off.

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