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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

BHP Fuel Fest 2017 Sunday 18th June


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We will be meeting at Exeter Services ( Postcode is EX2 7HF ) at 7.00am, I will give out the tickets there as usual


I intend to leave the Services at 7.45am latest, the show ground is about 10 minutes away, but we have to be on the Stand and sorted by 9:00 and the traffic will probably be iffy, as it was last year


Mobile number is in the Payment Pm


If you are not at the services on time you run the risk of not only being left behind, but also wasting your ticket, as everyone has to collect there ticket on the morning of the Show at the Services


Please do not be late, we will leave the services on time or a bit earlier if everyone is there


Can you please put your name down if you are sure you will want to attend


I won't be able to add late requests after I have sent the form in next weekend Sunday 7th May


Last years thread, this years should be much the same organising wise





This years Facebook Page





Please bare with me if you have any questions, as I am mega busy these days or for a quicker reply you can try me on Facebook





Don't forget I need to know about passengers for this one, as they charge per person



1. DodgyRog +1 Paid

2. HELLBOY666 +1 Paid

3. DANWB +1 Paid

4. Crash Bandicoot +1 Paid

5. jasooon Paid

6. hemmjonny Paid

7. fastcar Paid

8. Pulley +1 Paid

9. Chris_K +1 Paid

10. Tommack +1 Paid

11. Marcc +1 Paid

12. puna +1 Paid

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Put me down please Rogerino :thumbs:


Put me down for this one please



Added you both



I am still flat out busy at the minute, but still want to organise this, at the moment we still don't have the numbers for a club stand


It's not looking likely we will be having a club stand at the minute, I need to get 12 Supras all paid and sorted in under a month



1. DodgyRog


3. DANWB +1

4. Crash Bandicoot

5. jasooon

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1. DodgyRog


3. DANWB +1

4. Crash Bandicoot

5. jasooon

6. Slam +1




We need to get some more on this in the next week, I need all money very soon and we don't have the numbers for a club stand yet


I will give it a week, but then I will have to cancel, I won't collect funds unless I get 10 Supras, we need 12, but I am sure we can get away with 10

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