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RSE TRD Supra with an X2K conversion and RHD to LHD conversion


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TRD Supra with an X2K conversion and RHD to LHD conversion

yup guys.

just to start this i got my self a Supra from UK and im about to rebuild it and convert it into LHD.

And before you start "u crazy why do you convert into lhd" well its not easy driving a lhd country with a rhd car. and difficult to program my brain to shift gears with my left hand. allmost impossible with all that power without misshifting and destroying the box.


here is the spec list from the day i got it.


Toyota Supra Big Twin Turbo


HRE - front 10 x 19 rear 12 x 19 made to custom specification

Pirelli - 355/25/19 rears - 275/30/19 fronts

Cusco roll cage

HKS 60mm Boost gauge

HKS 60mm EGT Gauge

HKS 60mm Oil pressure gauge

HKS 60mm Oil temp gauge

HKS 60mm Water temp gauge

momo gearstick

Re leathering of interior rear seats and all panels by Stratstone

Sabelt 4 way harnesses

Sparco Milano black leather seats

Steering wheel and boss

JUN Racing wing

Rage Illusion - green/purple flip paint

Total cost inc labour and vat

TRD Wide body

AP Racing 6 pots 356mm cross drilled fronts

Braided brake lines

Cross drilled rear discs with ferodo pads

HKS Hypermax II Coilovers

TRD Front and Rear anti roll bars

-10 SX fuel filter

-6 to -4 vac. pipe collector

1800cc injectors

1mm oversized stainless steel valves

2 x -4 fuel lines to nitrous solenoids

2 x 3" downpipes

2 x 4" air intakes

2 x Innovative GT66 Ballbearing Turbos with custom spec internals

2 x Tial BOV's

3 x Walbro fuel pumps

3" exhaust dump with boost control

4" exhaust system

6" deep Custom intercooler

AEM CDi ignition module


AEM Injector driver

ARP Main studs

Crower rods

Custom 100mm throttle body

Custom 4" intercooler pipework

Custom oil catch tank with 2 x -10 breathers

Custom tubular manifold

Custom Virtual works inlet manifold

dash 10 fuel lines

dash 10 fuel rail

dash 6 return

Direct port progressively and ECU controlled Nitrous oxide system

Double valve springs

Fluidyne Alloy intercooler

full pipework wiggens clamps

Greddy Auxillary pulleys

Greddy uprated cambelt

HKS 272 cams

HKS 2mm head gasket

HKS Knock monitor

HKS Oil cooler

HKS Spark plugs

HKS Verniers

J E Pistons

Polished and ported head

Race liners

Racelogic traction control

SX fuel reg

Tial wastegate

Titan crank pulley

Titanium retainers and caps

Total parts in excess of

Uprated head studs

Uprated main bearings



here some starting pics








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Parts to remove. since im doing a LHD conversion. and sell to UK maybe :)






And bodykit to repair. unbelieveable that they used normal window glue to build the trd kit.

anyways. all goes off and back on with correct glue and fiber glas matts with polyester. everything had cracked






removing brakes



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sell it to me and convert another supra :p majorly agree with the colour change! what you thinking of spraying it mate?


nahh TRD is my favourit Kit . so im keeping this one ...... engine will be changed . since i need something more "driveable" for everyday.

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All RHD interiour parts are out. just waiting for parts from USA .


thanks to the following supra forum memebers for all the parts.


Marcos Myrie









Engine and ABS system out.




NEW PARTS from toyota CURT USA


just found out that brake pedal setup and clutch pedal setup isnt that expensive new by CURt- actually cheaper then what people sell them in the supra forum used.









and something My diff will be happy about :)


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RHD to LHD conversion makes sense, especially when it is this wide and powerful!


Looking forward to seeing the colour change, any idea's on what colour you are going to go for?


well i do LOVE my other White Supra . especially the color ;) so its pulling me that direction :)


here a pic of the old one.

x2k supra.jpg




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well i do LOVE my other White Supra . especially the color ;) so its pulling me that direction :)


here a pic of the old one.


Not that I am biased but I'd say white too! :D


Looks lovely your other Supra :cool:

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Next is getting ready like my friend does :)





next i glued the rear fenders correctly. and not with flexible glue like before but with 2 komponent glue. next is glasfiber reinforcement.






New hood lifters. the LHD firewall went in and wiper motor mounts changed to fit a lhd wiper instead



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