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Boost Gauge

Ian C

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Boost Gauge


Also known as:



What is it?

A gauge that displays, usually in PSI or Bar, the amount of boost pressure your intake manifold is seeing.


The first bit of performance tuning you'll probably do to your Supra is increase the boost in some fashion. This can be by a bleed valve or a boost controller affecting the wastegate, or by a decat and/or performance exhaust pipe affecting the flow of the turbo. You *need* to know what's going on at this point, because the fastest way you can destroy an engine is to run too much boost.


Another factor is that the stock sequential system can go wrong in various ways, or the airflow path to the engine can fail, usually due to hoses being loose, split, or plain old missing. The boost gauge lets you monitor the behaviour of the system across the rev range, which aids in troubleshooting the problem no end. Especially if you are asking questions in a text-based forum :)



Shows you how much boost the engine is seeing

Acts as a diagnostic tool



You have to fit it somewhere. Either replacing the clock or a heater vent (depending on the gauge size) or getting an a-pillar pod, that sort of thing.

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Generally cheaper to buy, slightly less installation for wires etc. IMO I think there is less that can go wrong with a mech one.




Not as smooth a sweeping action as the electric ones, less functions i.e. peak hold warning etc. Sometimes very difficult to catch what full boost you get, whilst keeping your eyes on the road.






Smoother action than Mech, can come with peak hold functions and warning lights etc. Peak hold is very handy for safety, so you can give it a power run then slow, and use the peak hold function to see what boost was achieved.




More expensive usually, more installation needed, and IMO there are more things that can go wrong with one i.e. elctrical wire getting crushed/chafed etc.


Hope that helps, anybody care to add anymore that I can't think of??

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