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  1. Lolllll! - - - Updated - - - Waiting for this kit to get ride of my stock twins...
  2. Thanks Paul I ll email you tomorrow
  3. Hi all, I want to remove my crank pulley to do the timing belt routine, and by the way installing the ATI super damper... What tool do I need... Where (Internet) can I buy them ? I already looked everywhere, but on eBay So many possibilities, I am not sure it will fit... And I am not that good to build my own tools... Thanks,
  4. JMB

    RLTC .DAT file?

    thanks a lot for all the informations. Honestly, most of the users have some parameters that may help having my car properly tuned instead of keeping the stock parameters. I first asked for peoples .DAT as I just want to see how they configure there car and to try some of these configurations. If it's not good, I'll change again. The fact is that some parameters looks very specific and as I am not an engineer, I do not understand lots of the stuff (regarding the short rpm stuff for exemple)... So if I can have some .DAT or at least some Screen Shots of all the configuration pages
  5. JMB

    RLTC .DAT file?

    And if instead of writting on my RLTC someones data, i just pick some data i want on the .dat file and correct on my own configuration ?
  6. JMB

    RLTC .DAT file?

    thanks Chris, I saw in the manual how to change the wheel size by myself... I think trying different setup wich did work may be better then doing experimentation by my own. dandan : i got a vvti too so if you find it, that will be great ; thanks thanks Rob, I'll ask
  7. I know it's for many ones been a while, but does some one have some .dat file for the RLTC ? I will finish installing mine soon and I was looking for some good .dat thanks,
  8. hi ! I have a VVTI Tip tronic. I used the HKS SLD II and it workd properly... If you want I can look how I plugged it...
  9. for the mapping, paul told me someone may come ... but for going single... is it a tought job ? a friend of mine is the main mecanich guy of Porsche. so maybe he can do the job... but I am the only supra of the carribean islands..so no one knwo the car at all...
  10. Hi all, I want to go single by the end of the year. I was thinking of whifbitz kit : Borg Warner 66mm non-billet 550-700bhp. the real problem -> is it a DIY job ? I am not a mechanic and I am afraid of doing this by myself. I asked many dealer if they can come... without success... I live in the Caribbean islands, 8 000 km far from Paris. So it is easier to make someone come then to send the car. So if I can have a DIY or a professional that may do the job, that would be great. thanks,
  11. no, i didn't ask for any fade... make it comes form the front wheels to end in the rear vent, whereas the OEM ends with the door
  12. done, my wheels are dirty but looks great
  13. The designer is working on it... - - - Updated - - - Any advice ?
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