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  2. I fitted my PHR T4 oil drain kit yesterday. I managed to get it to fit, but it's touchng one of the power steering tubes going over the rack. I gently moved the pipe as much as i can, but it's still contacting the pipe slighty. I'm a bit worried that the fitting will damage the p/s line, from engine vibration. Has any fitted one of these, and did you have the same problem? that's if anyone gets notified of me writing this?!
  3. I forgot I joined it and forgot to add a subscription. Any more chat? Thoughts on the new billet turbo line from precision vs Borg Warner?
  4. Essentially, this is a failed idea If we all got a notification that a post had been made it would be ok I have a notification that someone wants to join, but it takes me to a link with no way of finding out who and accepting them!
  5. RobSheffield: "It would be useful if the group reported that a message had been added to the group - it doesnt come up in any search of the forum" I see what you mean, I'd forgetten it even existed! L33 - watch the GT4088, if you haven't already bought it, get a different turbo, it's just a matter of time until they go pop (unless it's the water cooled "R" version).
  6. im having a gt4088 turbo conversion done to my tt auto. im looking at getting a boostlogic drag auto box with a 3800 high stall. is this a good move? wil it go straight on or do i need any thing else? wil my clutch hold? looking for near 600 bhp
  7. I have to tighten my turbo feed aswell, still not found anything to stop it coming undone.
  8. It would be useful if the group reported that a message had been added to the group - it doesnt come up in any search of the forum
  9. Remind me how we are supposed to use this group again? :-/ BTW I continually have to tighten up my turbo return feed, anyone else have this issue? Is there a gasket I can get or...? Jake replaced the connectors prior to me buying it but that didn't seem to help.
  10. Just a quick test to see if anyone gets a notification about a new post in the group
  11. My BL T67 dbb kit is now at Birmingham Airport so should have it this week Then the questions will begin.
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