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A group for Scotland based owners. For discussions, recommendations and other general chat.
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  2. Yeah that's before I got to know you all and realised what a bunch of dicks you all are
  3. Where is the best place to take your supra for a complete going over with a fine tooth comb just to make sure everything is as it should be and running the best it can be ?
  4. Hi just joined im based in Ipswich but still a fellow scot and flying the flag proudly on my supra since i bought it 3 years ago. Im in Scotland about 4 times a year with my supra so i hope to meet you all in time at one of your meets in the future. Thanks and see you soon hopefully.
  5. Over in the West, were also lacking in Really good garages that you can trust with your car, Ian of West Coast Customs who's doing my Single Install has done one hellava job highly reccomend him to anyone needing anything done to there Supra. Only down side, we havnt got anyone up here you can truly map a Good Supra.
  6. I have my car in for its MOT, and with a fully de-catted 4" exhaust system its failing emissions, do any of you guys know a way around this, if you've had a similar problem? Short of borrowing a full exhaust from the manifold back () off someone I don't really know what to do, the tester still hasn't ruled out it passing as is but if anyone has any ideas I'd be gratefull. I think I posted this in the wrong section... I'll start a propper thread.
  7. I always tend to buy my parts in from Dusty at MVPmotorsports.com - that's his email address too. Friendly knowledgeable guy that gives great service at excellent prices, often much cheaper than UK traders. Compare though as the exchange rate isn't what it once was. For JDM specific parts like decat pipes the US suppliers are no good as they model parts for the US spec car / Export spec (same as UK spec). I'd probably buy decats from wherever supplied 2.5" ones now in the UK - no point going 3" as you just end up needing a restrictor ring with a smaller hole in it since the JDM turbo wastegate cant cope with all back pressure being removed. Cheers, Brian.
  8. Agree on Camskill being cheapest supplier, usually by a chunk too. I always end up doing a comparison of the online retailers when tyre shopping and they've come up trumps the last few times I've done so. Excellent prices on FK-452's which tend to be my preference.
  9. Just FYI incase no-one knew, there is a place just off Holburn Street in Aberdeen - I believe it's Holland Street (?) - called Siletts. I've been getting my tyres from him for years and have yet to find cheaper (for bikes, cars, vans, tractors, skateboards...) and have been informed that numerous 'dealers' are supplied initially through Siletts before 'putting their bit on' for profit. Prob not as cheap as the sources mentioned above - haven't checked yet - but if you're needing tyres quick and at very reasonable prices, look him up. And no, I'm not on commission!
  10. I bought my exhaust from envy a year ago and never had any problems with them whatsoever,although others may have a different opinion
  11. Needing to buy a 1st decat and have been recommended Envy. Anyone any experience with them? Also gonna be needing some headlights (either facelift or glass (would want black backed though )) and wondering where is best to get from for those too! Cheeries!
  12. Ditto, I done the same. Same place and same tyres. Delivery in like 2 days or something However i knew a tyre fitter in edinburgh so was uber cheap
  13. Personally I always buy from Camskill, the price is excellent and the service and delivery is 2nd to none. Buying Toyo Proxes TR-1's is miles cheaper from Camskill, even having to get them fitted. I saved over £150 buying from them compared to what price Ibrar on here quoted me., even with his so called discount.
  14. After the results you had with them, turnaround time and general customer service, I'd happily opt with them aswell. I will need my odometer sorted (it doesn't turn ) when it comes to getting the car.
  15. Ok, it's hard enough to find decent garages especially up the Aberdeen way, but in my experience one of the best scottish garages around, who specialise in skylines but have a lot of supra experience is Checkpoint garage in Arbroath, they did top quality work on my engine and i will definately be going back to them- CHECKPOINT GARAGE 85 Wardmill Rd Arbroath Angus DD11 1RD Telephone:01241 879999 Facsimile:01241 879999 E-Mail: [email protected] Feel free to add folks.
  16. I guess this could be geared more towards the Aberdeen lot (providing there is a local recommendation that is)... Picking up the car on Sunday and it has budget tyres on the rear. I'm not planning on them staying there very long so will need to get some new ones. Currently 255/35/18 at the rear and 235/35/18 on front. Will check the rim width to decide what tyre width to opt for (e.g. if better to go up to 265 or not) when I get the car back home. Just really wanting to know if there is somewhere good to get tyres from or just to look at the online usual suspects (blackcircles, camskill etc.). Thanks
  17. As per the request of our Events Organiser, SteveR, I have set up this Social Group for the purpose of keeping discussions about anything somewhat more "local" for whatever reason as opposed to sharing them with the national sections within the main forum. It will also act as a database for recommendations as to places to go for parts, services etc. Despite - personally - using the main forum more frequently than checking the status of the Social Groups with which I am involved, this may prove beneficial in that any information shared within here is less likely to be lost amongst the sheer volume this forum receives in terms of content! Thanks for joining (as long as you have ) and I hope this is well utilized. Cheers folks. James
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