View Full Version : New member, considering a TT6

25-09-15, 07:46
New motor time, it's between a TT6 or a 335i. Previous cars include a few type R's, M3, STi, GT-Four

25-09-15, 07:53

25-09-15, 08:07
Is there really a choice there?

25-09-15, 11:28
A 335i is so ordinary compared to one of the best cars ever made.


25-09-15, 15:05
I used to own a TT6, I have driven the 335i which my colleague had and currently drive a BMW 645ci and without a question of a doubt the TT6 by far the better car.

The only reason I sold it was because of my daughter in her car seat, once she can safely sit in a booster, I'll be look for another.

Also as mentioned you see them everyone that you'll having trouble working out which one is your car in a car park. :D

25-09-15, 17:44
Completely different cars - depends what you are looking for.

If you mean e9x or newer then these cars have far better tech, great build quality and good civil cars for daily driving.

Supra is a different category

25-09-15, 19:26
Supra is a different category


The 335i is a very nice car, but the Supra is a great car, and an icon.