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29-07-15, 13:10
Hi, Ive recently Bough My Mk4 Supra N/A Manual and I sold the interior and bought Recaro buckets out of a honda dc2 without rails I have seen supras came with the same seats but there very rare and hard to find rails what rails can i get that will be a straight fit, And im going to be converting it to a NA-T anything i need to know and not sure everything i need anyone thats done it that can help? Also cant make my mind up on what look is nicer and will keep the value of the supra standard bumpers oem side skirts and rear defuser and front lip or rear trial bumper and a d style front bumper? cheers for your help guys :) :)

29-07-15, 15:06
You want to get yourself some Bride RO rails. Whifbitz sell them :thumbs:

As for the styling, I personally prefer the stock bumpers and OEM skirts, with a diffuser and lip. The Top Secret skirts are nice too, but quite difficult to find. :)

29-07-15, 16:40
:yeahthat: Bride rails are what you need, they aint cheap though! Keep it stock, or at least stick with the stock bumper and a lip, looks nice BTW

30-07-15, 08:57
You're in Wales so look for Rocketdog Racing. They'll be your best bet for getting an NA-T conversion. They offer a drive in/drive out service. Before you do anything else, read, read and read again on NA-T's! There's quite a lot to learn and no 2 builds are the same really. Differences in the stock Supra models along with variations on kits make it a bit of a mine field. But if you get clued up and do your research you should be fine :)

Welcome to the club :hello:

30-07-15, 09:48
As said above bride RO seat rails are what you need dude!

On regards to NA-T drop Craig (dr_jekyll) a pm on here, he had built some big spec ones and is based in Cardiff (Rocketdog svs on Facebook)

30-07-15, 12:53
thanks all for the help cant wait to get her done for japfest :) maybe see some of you guys down there :)