View Full Version : New owner, car requires lots of work!

30-06-15, 07:25
Hi guys, the car is my first supra, it's a beautiful thing but requires...

New coilovers (any suggestions for great ride quality and cornering)
Full bush kit (don't think I'll go down the polyurethane bush route as I like a comfortable ride)
Two rear quarters and a full shoot of paint,
New headlight (drivers side)
Interior wants fully stripped and reassembled as it rattles and creaks like crazy.

I've also got plans to either turbo it (na auto) and manual or to 1uz and Manual. Or am I just dreaming?

30-06-15, 11:08
Sounds like a lot of money to spend on a NA auto, personally I'd flog it and buy a clean one.

30-06-15, 11:41
Sound like you`re going to be bizzy with it, i take it you picked it up for a rock bottom price, all i`d say is try and set yourself a budget as its easy for these things to run away with you, like Jay says after the spend you could have got something already decent.

30-06-15, 12:27
Sometimes half the fun of a car is fixing things, but a full respray is gonna be expensive. Good luck with the project anyway!

30-06-15, 12:57
Agree with the others, also the interior couldn't be rattling or creaking at all!!

30-06-15, 13:18
I know what you guys are saying there will be more spent on it than its worth but making money isn't the goal. I want a new supra made by me for me. I'll keep you all updated with the progress, can I post into projects as a new thread or with me being new the option isn't available? I just couldn't find it earlier (maybe because I'm using my phone.

30-06-15, 14:10
You need to be a club member to start a project thread dude.

30-06-15, 14:29
Ah I see. How much is it?

30-06-15, 14:46
Tenner a year or 30 for life iirc.

30-06-15, 17:55
Cheers Jamie.

30-06-15, 18:07
Welcome to the club, get some pics up of you supra, check out the north east (thats if location is right like haha) events area for meets and events :thumbs: