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26-05-15, 11:09
Hi everyone - New to the Forum and to Supra ownership. Recently paid my deposit on this low mileage Supra RZ-S 6 speed manual.

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/05/887.jpg (http://s181.photobucket.com/user/GazDoran/media/IMGP6212_zpsmha6ujhm.jpg.html)

Now i just have the long wait until mid July for it to get here. Looking forward to getting to a few meets & shows. And just generally getting out and about over the summer. I live up in the Lake District so I have some of the UK's best roads at my disposal! ;)

26-05-15, 11:13
Hi and welcome !

Really nice car mate, is this the gunmetal gray or Quicksilver ??

26-05-15, 11:21
Cheers mate - Its gunmetal

26-05-15, 14:34
:welcome: car look like a beauty mate, look forward to some more pictures inside and out :)

27-05-15, 21:07
Great looking car. Congrats

05-08-15, 00:13
Would you believe, I'm still waiting for this. She is in the country, has been for a couple of weeks. But i'm waiting for the DVLA to pul their fingers out now and get the plates on so I can pick her up! Driving me mad. Already got a shopping list as long as my arm too!! :thumbs:

05-08-15, 07:02
Ha. Bet you are driving yourself nuts [emoji51]
Looks great, hope the 'list' doesn't change the exterior much [emoji106]🏼

05-08-15, 08:54
That looks well, great colour