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  1. Please pm me if they aren't sold yet. Thanks!
  2. I would be interested to have your feedback on them Luc !
  3. How much do you give for an A02B ?
  4. Hi, I would have an interest in your rear brakes setup, please pm you price if you consider shipping to Belgium tho Thanks !
  5. I would have an interest in the propshaft if you sell separately
  6. Hi, I'm putting my Volk TE37SL for sale, I just received them from Japan, they are in stunning condition, only some stone chips in the inside, outside is SPOT ON on the 4 wheels. The tires are included (245 & 275) and still have plenty of live !! They fit the stock body with cutted/rolled fenders. ET22 TE37SL are quite rare, especially in 10.5 wide, these are the only TE37SL in 19'' that fit a Supra MKIV. ET12 are more common but doesn't fit a Supra at the rear I can arrange the shipping for you at your costs. I think it will be around 200€ for in the UK.
  7. Great to see the legend back ! I bet SRD will have a lot of work to do on it Oh damn now that I have the Supra, I also want a GTR35 like yours haha much more effective than a Supra with the same power figure.
  8. Yes, I don't thrust my small diff that much ^^' For me, the best you can have for a Supra nowadays...
  9. Post to follow, I would also be interested on how to get UK registration copy back.
  10. No limit builds like i love to see hehe I feel my Supra already brutal with stock engine... can't imagine such a beast... Good luck with your project
  11. Haha I don't want to risk anything, I wouldn't have the funds to rebuild I will enjoy the car like this for the moment and will save to forge in the futur an other engine. Next upgrade will be a Grannas rear diff I think
  12. I'm still with the open diff ratio yes but installed the OsGiken LSD. I can install a SZ-R 6 speeds diff but don't know its ratio tho... must be a bit better with it but still not enough for a Single turbo engine. Yes I know they will be short, but wanted in the futur to swap for a Grannas Ford diff (don't remember which one), to hold every abuse haha. I really like the way you've done your build, I also want to study my next mods instead of simply putting other/bigger parts in the Supra...
  13. Amazing post !!! WOOW you are one of the very few guys who give a Supra quality to this forum, i wish I knew half of your knowledge ! Lee must keep you whatever you cost to him I'm speachless in front of your post and will read/study it this evening !
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