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27-04-15, 19:08
Hey everyone my name is John I have had my supra for 7 years although I regret to say it sat for 5 years not moving. After loads of interest from people wanting it and me not being able to let it go I decided to get it back to its best. Many people on here may know more about the car than I do as I believe it was on here before I got it. I will get pictures up when I can but the car is at the bodyshop just now so hopefully get it back in about 3 weeks. I have been looking at this forum for ages now and thought I should start getting involved now I am a paid member. I hope I meet a lot of people and their supras in the future.

27-04-15, 19:34
Welcome John.

Strange way to do it but atleast you've found your way onto the forum now.:)

I was a member for over three years before I even bought one.

What's the spec of your car?

27-04-15, 19:47
It's a 1993 2JZ GTE . A couple of pics as it sits in the shop.

27-04-15, 20:02
Auto or manual mate?

Looks like a JDL rear and obviously a DoLuck front. Can't make out the skirts.

Are the arches flared slightly?

27-04-15, 20:27
Welcome to the club , 5yrs sitting? Ive been without mine for about 3months its killing me not being able to drive it yet

Keep us updated its always good to see a supra come back to life ;)

27-04-15, 21:11
Welcome mate looking forward to seeing your plans for the car unfold, keep the photos coming, what color you going for?

27-04-15, 21:49
I will keep the pics coming as I get them. It is a JDL rear think it's JDL skirts too, it also had the JDL front but it was just to low to handle the speed bumps so i had to change it. The arches are just normal, I have the JDL ones that came with the kit but I won't be putting them on. I will be keeping it its original color which is like petrol blue but might put some blue ice through it, thinking of getting the wheels white but am not sure on that, what do yous think ? I recently had to decide between keeping the original spoiler or going without one and chose to go without it, yous think that was a good idea ?. Can't wait to get it back oh and it's an auto.

27-04-15, 23:02
Welcome, glad to see another Scottish member :)