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04-12-03, 12:50
I had the pleasure of going for a ride along in a newish Covette today and really liked the Head up Display (HUD).

Does anyone know of a good aftermarket one that is not too hard to fit to the Sup


04-12-03, 12:56
Its great isn't it, I experience a HUD in a vette recently in the states. I now have on order a unit from Envy - have a look on their website.
No idea about whether its easy to fit, as I'm getting someone to do that for me.

Adam W
04-12-03, 13:09
Defi make HUD's, pretty good by all accounts. What did you make of the vette? Was it a C5? (The newest shape ones, curvy rather than the 80's "Knightrider" look). I just lurrrrve those cars, the forthcoming C6 looks damn fine as well IMHO.

04-12-03, 13:36



04-12-03, 13:38
Lucky you I love the Corvette C5, probably one of my favourite cars!

04-12-03, 13:41
Just in case any one wonders what HUD looks like because I didn't know:


Plus few other nice pics too.

Ian C
04-12-03, 14:45

Anyone got a piccy of the Defi unit and it's output?


04-12-03, 14:47
I am no vette expert however it did look like the C5 (after a quick google picture check). I loved it, great ride and plenty of toys, but I would hate to park it though it was huge. Sadly enough it was not warm enough to take the hood down..

Engine sounds great and the car has a very big presence, but i think ill stick with my supra, its more practicle.... i never thought i would describe it as that!

Gaz Walker
04-12-03, 15:01

Look here :)


04-12-03, 15:59
oohh, looks like another thing for the xmas list

Ian C
04-12-03, 17:03
Thanks Gaz, it looks frankly shit so that's 250 saved. If it displayed like the one on the Corvette website I'd have snapped it up :) Nasty lump on the dash with wires everywhere and you see the whole unit reflected in the windscreen rather than just the actual display :(

Looks like you also need a few other DEFI bits before it will even work?


Green Peace
04-12-03, 17:13
I took a Vette C5 for a test drive once...It was great.....till I drove it....it was all over the place....tiny mirrors couldn't see out the back....nowhere to fit Sat Naff as not a standard Double or single din unit...Supra is far superior....almost AlMOST bought one just the handling, the ergonomics, and the fact it was a left hooker...put me off in the end

Gaz Walker
04-12-03, 17:35
Originally posted by Ian C
Thanks Gaz, it looks frankly shit

Now Ian, I've had these discussions with you before, dont hold back for gods sake - say what you really think :eek: ;)


Green Peace
04-12-03, 17:55
Originally posted by Gaz Walker
Now Ian, I've had these discussions with you before, dont hold back for gods sake - say what you really think :eek: ;)


:eek: :eek:

Ian honestly......you can't say things like that.
Well I kind of see ya point Ian....but I had a mate with an Evo who had this Heads Up unit and I was well impressed...At night you can't see the reflection of the actual unit at all, I'm sure there could be a way of fitting it flush so the box is hidden surely but to be honest it would'nt bother me too much.

But I guess its the same with the Snooper and such, my dashboard is already starting to looklike Grandmas Mantlepiece.

TBH i would like to have my Snooper flush fitted...not sure if this has or can be done.


Ian C
04-12-03, 18:35
I guess I saw the OEM one in the Corvette and was expecting much the same from the DEFI one, got all excited, and was then sorely disappointed by the actual photo :(

I know HUDs work in this way, but, I couldn't help looking at it and thinking "it's just a box reflecting in the windscreen".


04-12-03, 18:50
Do you do a 'Head Down' unit, one that fits in your lap :D ;)


Green Peace
04-12-03, 18:55
Originally posted by Paul
Do you do a 'Head Down' unit, one that fits in your lap :D ;)


I used to have one of those, great until u pass a coach load of OAP's
:D :D

04-12-03, 19:05
Hmm, wasn't that the OLD style HUD?? I was thinking the new defi one was much nicer?

I need one, it's essential, but I have ot agree with Ian on this one! Having only previous seen the HUDs in the dark I suppose I missed all the cacky lumpy wiring stuff. Yuk. :(