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Sequential turbo problems

Ian C

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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys,


before i open a new thread, i would like to ask here first.

I bought the Car with TTC Mod already. I put it back and made near all Hoses new and set it back to Seq. Mod.

I installed also an Apexi AVC-R.

Today i got the AVC-R fully working, but the Seq Mod doesnt Work how it should.


My 1st Turbo goes till 0.5 bar. The 2nd Turbo kicks in too late, and only when i play with the throttle, that means when i push it 100%, it revs over 4k, than i have to go down and press it slightly down, then the Turbo kicks in.

Hoses are good. Then i mesuared the IACV VSV and the other VSV. The IACV VSV has unlimited Ohm, so I think it should be dead :D

The other shows me between 72Ohm and 73Ohm at cold Valve.


Could this be my problem, that the 2nd Turbo comes so late, because it doesn't has Pre-Spooling?



Thank you! Greetings from Germany.

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  • 3 years later...

I had a very similar issue yesterday. Having a play with a mates 400hp r33 gtr. It came on song at 4k both turbo's pulling hard then i noticed a load of dash lights. Pulled over and checked everything was ok. Turned the car off and back on, no dash lights. 1st turbo pulls well but no 2nd turbo rush at 4k. Gonna order new vac hose and go through the system as i check the turbine blade for play.

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I know this is old news to you guys, i thought id have a look for split/blown vac lines. Havent seen any yet, tested the iacv controller number 4 and number 7 with 12 volts and can hear them click and operate. Took the inlet pipe off turbo 2 and the wheel has no play and looks great so im not too worried really but im gonna replace every hose i can see with new and go from there. Any other ideas?

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