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  1. If it was a permanent no boost in 2nd turbo, i would be really worried. It will work 99% of the time, sometimes it will make a loud boost noise but only show 3-5 psi on the gauge. Come off the throttle and go again an it would boost and transition fine. I'll try ttc for a good 100 mile drive and see if it works 100% of the time, if so i'll look at a new iacv vsv. Thanks folks
  2. Ive got aftermarket ones of those and have checked them after reading about them falling apart. All good. I have checked all vsv's previously using a guide. Were all ok but i know they can be intermittent and fail at any time. Ttc should let me know if any of them are at fault though. In the case of the dumpvalve i have thought about fitting a recirc adapter to it, the autobox should benefit from a recirc valve?
  3. Well, ive just had half an hour spare. Linked a bike pump to the dumpvalve pipe, it held 40psi fine, so that will do for me. Ive always suspected a dodgy vsv but have bench tested all 4 an they were fine. I need to vacuum test the pressure tank, but im thinking of trying ttc just to rule stuff out. Ttc bypasses all vsv's, and the pressure tank?
  4. Had an intermittent thing with my tt auto. Sometimes you'd put your foot down and get 5psi of boost which didnt go up even when the 2nd turbo should join the party. If you came off the throttle and back on, id get 9psi then 17psi at 4.5krpm, all good. Suspected a leak at the dumpvalve. Took it apart and put it back together. The circlip that joins the dv to the adapter, should it allow the dv to spin in the body or should it be rock solid? Before removal it couldnt be turned but its free-er now. The issue occurs more frequently now, so i think i was right. Think boost is
  5. Been following your exploits on pistonheads, spied the supra in the background. Was wondering when we'd see an update. Good work.
  6. Im thinking more that the oem route is the one id choose for a manual swap. Polo's reconditioned boxes around 6k sound good. Ive seen one's dragged out of the canal for 6k!! Most other conversions sound dreadful at idle, notchy to drive and dont have the ratio's to suit our diffs.
  7. Sorry i tell a lie, i replied before checkout on ebay. When i went back in, these were suggested. So i bought them instead. Says "toyota" in the title, so they'll be miles better than bmw ones....
  8. Ive bought some from ebay, bmw fixings. 4.7mm diameter, 15mm washer diameter, 19mm long total. £4 for 10 Oem were £2 each, so they could stay where they were. I found that toyota used the same screws for a lot of toyota lights, mr2, rav 4 etc...
  9. Thanks for the help, could i have a little more?? Ive got the clips from vehicleclips.co.uk, copies but really good. I now need to buy the screws. Could you measure one up for me? I just need the length from point to washer, diameter and washer diameter. Thanks again
  10. Looks a great base there mate
  11. Is this the retaining clip we speak of?
  12. Yes, if you could take a photo for me, that would be greatly appreciated. The arch liner holes have been torn outwards towards the arch edge. So not a hole anymore really, more a c shaped cutout.
  13. Do they use a special bumper retaining clip? Looked on nengun and part numbers show a screw and a bumper retaining clip? Just to clarify, its where the bumper meets the arch liner. There hasnt been a fixing there since i bought the car.
  14. The front arch liners have damaged bolt holes. I was looking for a solution to keep it all bolted together. Was thinking of using a combo of washers, maybe serated to bite into the plastic and keep the bumper and liner attached. Any ideas?
  15. Good work, i did see it on ebay/pistonheads etc.
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