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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

13/08/06 Lake District Meet


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It was funny following you up Gord. The back end of that MR2 was looking a bit lively on a few of the corners ;)


The only problem with the Hartside run is the traffic. Unless you know the route like the back of your hand it is hard to overtake and on this occasion there was a number of slow vehicles which got in people's way.


The camcorder that was in my car was passed over to the red Caterham for the final run.... otherwise I would have got some good footage of your MR2. The Caterham is a quick car up that route and it was hoped that if the traffic had been clear that the faster cars should have gone to the front, in order to get some good footage. But this was always going to be hard to organise with the road being fully open to the public.

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It certainly was..probably wasnt the best car for the job lol..


Yep thats it..at the end of the day it is a public run..we have been down it twice in a scoob but we made sure it was late on 9-10pm...was alot more fun going uphill lol.. you were very brave overtaking the cue we met higher up ... we didnt facny risking it! Thought wed better keep car no.21 of 35 in one bit lol!


Ah thats a shame..would have proved interesting to wotch..looking forward to doing it again next year..hopefully a bit quieter and drier..

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