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  1. Hi Tony, I've gone a similar route since selling my Supra a few years ago. When I decided to sell up we used the money to do some pretty amazing holidays over the following years and then eventually I had to have another car with some grunt to it so bought an B8 Audi S4 (saloon rather than the estate), and it had to be a manual gearbox of course. I also got one of the earlier years so that I pay the lower tax amount each year. Also got a decent bargain with it costing £10,500 with only 49,000 miles on the clock. The 60% rear / 40% front drive split does mean the car finds it really h
  2. Dom - if selling you are currently in a seller's market where you can basically set your own price. Go crazy and see who is prepared to stump up the cash There seems to be enough people out there who are prepared to pay whatever they have to beat other buyers in order to get a Supra in their garage. So put it up for £60k or more and see if you get interest. You may just. Same goes to all other Supra owners, simply add on an additional £10k or £20k if selling, there are likely buyers who will pay that price. As there are few forcing factors out there at the moment to hold
  3. Good work people, the new site seems to be a success. Thumbs up from me.
  4. Hi Scooter Yes sold all my performance cars a few years ago and ventured away from being a regular poster on this forum, only checking in every now and then to see if the UK Supra community was still going strong. After selling the Supra we used the money on some luxury holidays over the past few years. Taking business class flights and 4-5 star hotels and all that. Its been great. (Until this virus outbreak of course) I have also been saving up for something new in terms of special car. For a while I was looking at the 4.7 V8 Vantage, but they are just a minefield on maintenance. If y
  5. I would guess that if they didn't there would be the usual UN mutterings which would obviously result in no action as they are fairly powerless, but then it would be up to individual nations to shut off China to their markets and travel. If the west, and other nations not allied to China, did that then China is history as an economic powerhouse. They may then realise the need to pay up and come clean about everything. Although being a communist regime I suspect they will aim for the hardship option, as it will be their people that suffer rather than any party member. But that would be a huge
  6. Supermarkets seem to be the only businesses doing 'well' recently. I fear for a lot of other type of businesses though. I think you are correct to point out it is still early days and as it all drags on the reality of lockdown and other restrictions will be apparent. One positive aspect is that its not like the finance crisis, which had an internal 'rot' in the system, once restrictions are lifted the demand should return steadily. But of course the big question is whether there will be businesses still afloat to provide the supply. Those that are should see a "V" shape return to busines
  7. If true I also think China is in for some very hard times ahead. I would hope however that world leaders can see a benefit from not going to WWIII.
  8. Well for one, cash in the bank allows you to buy bog roll I don't think Aldi would be able to take a swapsy for bog roll with a person's car. Its the use of a common value that people will accept for payment for essentials. One person may see no value in a sports car, where as another may see it as their 'dream'. But if there is no common value agreed then it becomes worthless for paying for essentials for living. Cash in the bank is also the method for mortgage payments, council bills, food, fuel etc. etc. Assets are good for 'storing' wealth, and a method for trying to counter inflat
  9. That is a tidy sum of money that the buyer has had to pay. But I've never understood the desire to own cars purely to store them away, in fear of being driven for the additional milegae depreciation. There are museums for that sort of carry on If its just for the investment angle then there is a big risk in that venture too, as we've seen with a global pandemic, people's priorities change very quickly whereby cash in the bank to be able to spend on essentials for living becomes much more valuable than assets for sale that nobody has the desire to buy. Besides that, surely the investment
  10. Don't visit the forum all that often these days but just checking in to see if all is good with forum members and that everyone is coping with the lock down. Regarding volunteering Adam, that is a very good idea. As time goes on there will be a growing population number that will in effect have an immunity and will have the opportunity to help the country pull together.
  11. They'd be around £3k when new. (I think that is what I paid for mine way back when)
  12. I've been following Supra prices since I sold mine a few years ago. Amazing how people (or the market) have suddenly expected them to be much higher value than what they were just 3 years ago. (Yes, I know, I should have kept hold of mine ! but it was time for me to move on) Its a two-edged sword in my opinion, because although MkIV Supras are, and always will be great cars, and higher prices go to provide some comfort for existing owners, it is however only the pristine original/unmodified examples that will genuinely have the high values that are seen recently. Such cars are the colle
  13. Just to follow on from the previous strip-down vid in the thread, here is the 2JZ rebuild : Just one question I have from watching it : I notice the cylinder walls looked a little scored (@1m:57sec), is that a safe build in that condition? (I was expecting to see smooth shiny walls).
  14. Thought you guys would enjoy this video: Nicely explains why the engine is revered for its strength and high power applications.
  15. p.s. Having given a 'balanced' reply above, just have to finish with saying that having experienced both auto and 6-speed manual gearboxes on the Supra, the 6-speed is by far the best box for the Supra given its weight, power and gear ratios. I drove mine for a few years as a daily driver and then later on as a weekend toy and occasional track car at the Nurburgring etc. - not once was I wanting my control over the gearbox removed in preference for a computer But I would say though, that as power increases above 600bhp it means 1st, 2nd, 3rd gears go by in very quick succession, and a m
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