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Redline Rumble - 14th May


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Guest EncoreWRC

I was thinking of going Sunday. I have a free car pass with another club. Does this site host a club stand for members at these shows?

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how did greg get on? any times Jamie?

gregs car is rapid mate, but he had a little bad luck with it blowing of a boost pipe,he did a 11.6 on his first run but he coasted a couple hundred yards after the boost pipe came of

that car is going to be in the tens easy:)

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how did greg get on? any times Jamie?


Best time was 11.2 @ 127.44mph on 1.5bar with no No2 and a pair of the smallest MTs going.


God what a Fuc**r to keep on the track, every time I tried to feed in more power she started to slide out on me, even had to dab the brakes mid track on the last couple of runs as puting down more power made it worse.


I am sure James and Jamie will post up the vids of the runs, it.s an animal I cannot even think of running her again until I sort some larger slicks.


Really impressed with the Veilside copy manifold, the torque is just wonderful really helps with taking up the slack on the T88.


Still all in all not bad really for the first run out on the new set-up.


Looking at low tens next time out if I can keep her on the track:d

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I saw Gregs car go up the road and back at Turbofit on saturday. She is an absolute beast! And when greg says about it stepping out, im telling you, it dont do it by halfs! Very very impressive motor. Good luck Greg. How did Dee Ireland get on? Last I heard he was tearing that CRD supra to bits to stop it blowing to bits!

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