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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm a newbie to this site.


Not sure if you class Bristol as SW or NW, but is anybody going to JapFest this year?




I found this website linked from theirs ... would be interested to hear from other Supra owners. Feel free to use the enquiry form at http://www.webtechy.co.uk (rather than post my email address here which will get indexed by robots).


(Black '96 Toyota Supra TT, sports exhaust, induction kit, alloys)

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I'll take it as a compliment that you want an intro from me ...


Not sure what you want to know, but I'm Ben, 27, from Cambridge. I bought a '96 black Supra Twin Turbo last Friday. Previously owned a black 3-series coupe, but thought I'd just have a bit of fun with this. The Supra is an import, has a black tinted rear window, large rear spoiler, body kit, bonnet scoop, large exhaust, induction kit and aftermarket alloys. The car still brings a smile to my face every time the turbo kicks in :-) Pleased to see it holds its' own to Ferrari's and Subaru's already ...


Not suggesting an event as such - just wondering if anybody else was going along - would be good to perhaps meet up with a few people that have made modifications to their Supra.





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Right Best I get on this now then, as I have moved it to National Events




Club stand interested affix name, and if definately going click into link, we can block book tickets through the club at only £8 saving £6 per ticket.


Please append names if wanting to go.












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I would love to go and I actually want to enter the invite only show and shine but only if my car is completed in time (engine work/bling and a respray).


The way things have been going lately though I would have more of a chance of pulling a monkey out of my ass then to have it ready in time. :)




Anybody want to by a slightly smelly monkey ....

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Have you got a club stand booked m8?


Do you have the contacts etc ?- let me know if you need them


Thanks Paul, left a message today, I won't be there as I my car will not be finished. But will sort out a stand for the club if needed.

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