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  1. Enjoy all. Hope the weather stays fine. Ian ian I'll miss your cooking Won't miss the drinking. Adi is the new king... and the Smee's the true workhorses
  2. Add. Would be good to say hi to someone who does keep in touch. There are others who profess it and then don't
  3. Sorry guys I cannot attend. However the Square Sausages will be attending in lsrge numbers..
  4. Adi & I talked about mixing both like the old events way. If we could have both JAE and Pod then the Supra convoy in and out on the Saturday together with a big party night and trophy presentations, it would put the Supra's back into a great JAE position. I know some don't like to camp, but if Burna can do it I am sure loads of others will. just my 2p
  5. Ross don't leave Sid alone nect time. He missed you
  6. A big thanks to all for my Tired error, changed over If you were at JAE and don't have me on FB Tom Sawyer
  7. Well after a bit of a nana nap I need to write some notes. JAE 2013 - Adi's first. Thursday got off to a strange start as I was sitting on the field, with my Mondeo, the Marquee was being built and I was awaiting the Set up Crew and Organiser. Once Adi arrived it was all hands on and the plot started to take shape. Bit my bit "Slam" and a band of faithful helpers emptied the VW van and put everything in place. Then we went and got the Generator and moved it to the stand. The "walk in Fridge" arrived and the food was beginning to chill out (so was the beer of course). Then the
  8. I'll call you on my arrival as I'll need your assistance to bring the FORD in
  9. J - Day is here see you all soon. Take care on the roads.....
  10. Hi all, I am driving down in the Mondeo tomorrow, so if anyone is convoying please meet me enroute. Or I'll see you around 3pm at the Gate Silver 07 TDci with a Help for Heroes Sticker on the back. Alex - See you when you get there
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